Pep Guardiola Refused To Shake Hands With Cristiano Ronaldo At The Ballon D’or

It’s a known fact that Cristiano Ronaldo has a pretty good number of people who does not have a soft corner on him. But you would expect one of the most respected manager across the globe to at-least acknowledge a footballer when he is trying to give his hand. 

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]iphu65q3NrI[/youtube]

Ronaldo taps Pep on his shoulder expecting a warm greeting from the ex-Barcelona manager but Guardiola turns his face . If there’s one thing that Cristiano hates more missing a shot, it’s probably indifference and the hate shown towards him.

May be the Catalan manager is yet to forget the incident where Ronaldo pushed him when he was trying to give the ball. 


Written by Dinesh V

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