Opinion: Why Jose Mourinho Is Not The Right Man For Manchester United

From the Special one to No one, Jose Mourinho’s stock might not have fallen a lot but certainly his reputation for being someone easy to work with has taken another major hit this season. What was considered to be a position for him to enjoy his work and take Chelsea from strength to strength had descended into unimaginable chaos and madness as Chelsea, Mourinho and his players lost games, the plot and support from the Premier League faithful.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

Sure, he still is the same person who wants to win games more than anything else in the world but things weren’t working out for him at all this season and once the confidence of the team and playing staff is lost – not to mention that of the medical team at the club – there really isn’t much left to save you from your job.

While one team has had a poor run of results and ended up sacking their manager, another one might be on the verge of doing the same as Manchester United want to replace their old warhorse Louis van Gaal after results and their playing style aren’t palatable to the United faithful and even some of the legends of the game.

Pep Guardiola seems to have ditched Manchester United for the Blue side of Manchester and that does raise the prospect of Jose Mourinho signing for the Red half of the city, which would lead to an epic battle between the two in the Manchester derby but for all the great things Jose has achieved, United should steer clear of the Portuguese.

Not the manager you need or deserve right now

Jose Mourinho does have the credentials to manage any top club in the world but there comes a massive cost to that. Manchester United might get the results they want from the games but their playing style wouldn’t be any different to that under Louis van Gaal.

Sure the Dutchman does get one or two great performances, attacking-wise, from the team but under Jose Mourinho that certainly wouldn’t be the case. He is the anti-footballer, someone who cares more about nullifying the opposition before getting that one goal to win a game, this certainly wouldn’t bode well for the Manchester United supporters who have been baying for more attacking football all season.

Mourinho also isn’t the most likeable person in the world and has an ego which is greater than the sum of all Manchester United players in the history of the Premier League, alright that was certainly stretching it a bit but you do get the picture.

Jose wants it all to be about him and that does work most of the time but it didn’t work this time at Chelsea and it exploded in his face, everyone remembers that rant after the Southampton game and United do not need someone who thinks he is bigger than the club, no one is bigger than the club.

The me-against the world bit won’t work at Manchester United either, time after time during Mourinho’s spells at Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, he had conspiracy theories about everyone, from the referees to other teams to the respective football associations of the countries. This sort of delusion doesn’t need to be brought at Manchester United.

What they need is someone who can bring that fire back into their playing style. Players need to play the United way and not break away from the defensive shell that they seem to have taken up now. Mourinho might be great for the press and for winning games but for winning fans and supporters, he certainly should not be the one given the job at Manchester United.

Written by Kevin Harrison

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