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Manchester United Fans React To Rojo’s Poor Performance

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Marcos Rojo in action for Manchester United. (Getty Images)


Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo has upset the United fans pretty bad after the match against Leicester City on Sunday. The defender’s sad displays were sure to bring out the anger in Red Devils fans.

Rojo’s defense against Leicester City’s Wes Morgan was set to get the fans lashing out their anger at the player in different ways. But sadly this wasn’t the first time Rojo has performed this bad. He can be held responsible for at least one goal by Tottenham if not two.

Rojo’s displays have gone down match after match, his defending has turned more atrocious and this has upset the fans who are angered further by even seeing him in the team.

While fans reacted through twitter their opinions were all the same stating that he should not be starting for United as the first choice of left-back, and should be let go regardless of who the Red Devils manager next season.