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Why Liverpool Should Avoid Doing One Of The Biggest Mistakes In Recent Times Despite Interest From Bayern Munich

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Jurgen Klopp encourages Liverpool's fans to carry them past Sunderland

On the 8th of October last year, Merseyside outfit Liverpool announced one of their biggest signings of this decade after they revealed that German talisman JurgenKlopp would take care of the club after Brendan Rodgers was dismissed just 8 games into the previous season. It is a day that might live on forever with the Kop family as that signing has the potential of lifting the club to its previous glory. Liverpool have never lifted a Premier League title and were in the danger of losing their position as a European giant having not won a European title in more than a decade.

However, times have changed at the Merseyside since the former Borussia Dortmund man took over at Anfield. Klopp and his exploits in the Bundesliga gave every Liverpool fan loads of hope for years to come but not many could have imagined what the manager has done at the club in just over a year. Taking them to two cup finals is just a part of what Klopp has done at Anfield in his time in England. The manager has changed the view of the entire club and has taken them to a new level in just over a year. Though Liverpool came close to a title on more than a couple of occasions, it looked like the Reds were slowly losing their identity but in stepped Klopp to change all that was going wrong at the club.

From branding himself as the ‘Normal One’ to asking the fans to change from ‘Doubters to Believers’ Klopp just stuck a note in every scouser’s heart that has now made him one of the most important figure in the city not just at the club. He has changed the way the club deals with transfers and has laid emphasis on the academy. He has changed the style of play on the field and the atmosphere on the ground and has just changed the whole environment at the club, all, in just over a year


In this year, he has provided the club with some unforgettable moments with his energy and passion on the touchline and humour and wit off the field. He is a passionate character that is hard to hate and having signed a 6-year contract in July this year, Liverpool fans will be happy with their near future. However, German giants Bayern Munich have made one of their worst starts to the domestic campaign and are 6 points behind league leaders RB Leipzig, 13 games into the season. Manager Carlos Ancelotti is under server pressure and the Bavarian outfit are now looking to lure the Anfield maestro to the club in years to come.

Turning down the biggest domestic job in his home country might be hard for Klopp but Liverpool, especially in this moment, will need to do all they can to keep him at the club. Lack of possible replacements aside, Klopp’s methods are just making an effect on the club and the league as a whole and Liverpool can ill afford to lose a talisman, whose signature is the best thing to happen to the club in a while.

After Klopp joined Liverpool, Anfield witnessed one of the best nights of European football after a long time and also got a makeover. Since his move to the club, Klopp has looked like a match made in heaven and his connection with the Kop was instant. There is not much that can separate the two at the moment but Liverpool and FSG will have to be aware of the threats that Bayern can possess and it will be important for them to keep Klopp satisfied and happy at Anfield for years to come.

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