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Why A Move To Manchester City Ahead Of Liverpool Makes More Sense To This Premier League Star

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The winter transfer window is just a few of weeks away, so rumours are starting to pile up by the dozen as we speak, as every single team in the Premier League is looking to make adjustments and fix what is needed to be fixed or just to improve an already great side to remain in the title hunt till the last minute.

One of the things that most teams are trying to reinforce during this upcoming transfer window is the defensive end of the pitch, as most contenders are already well represented on offence, but tend to struggle on the other side of the game, and you know that even when offence wins games, defence wins tournaments.

And a player who has currently being linked with the best teams in Europe right now is Southampton’s impressive defender Virgil Van Dijk, who is reportedly been on the radar of Manchester United, Liverpool and more recently Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, 3 outstanding sides for Van Dijk to choose in order to boost his promising career.

Van Dijk was reportedly a very serious target for the Anfield outfit Liverpool despite his current boss Claude Puel stating that they’re keen to keep the talented Dutch among their roster, but now that Guardiola and his team has also entered the fight for Virgil, we strongly believe that he could firmly consider making a move to the Etihad instead, and we’ll discuss just why.

The 25-year-old could be a regular starter wherever he finally decides to go, but we feel that moving to Manchester City could be a lot better for him, since he won’t have any serious competition for the starting job right now.

Virgil van Dijk

We all know that John Stones would continue to be the starter and main guy on defence for Guardiola’s side, and Nicolas Otamendi was originally brought to Manchester City to be a substitute, and even if Guardiola has even played Kolarov as a centre back, you know he’s not totally happy with his side performances on the defensive end of the pitch.

Van Dijk would be Vincent Kompany’s replacement and just as the injury prone Belgian veteran, he could become an instant success at the Etihad Stadium with his outstanding defensive talent, becoming one of the best defenders in the league and catching the attention of every single manager in the country.

While at Liverpool, the Dutch will have to fight for his place as both Dejan Lovren and Joel Matip have cemented a place for themselves and players like Ragnar Klavan, Lucas Leiva and Mamadou Sakho are ready to deputise the above two. Besides this, City’s participation in the European championship will make it easier for Van Dijk to break into the squad right away.

As we mentioned earlier, we believe that he could be really successful wherever he decides to go, but Pep Guardiola could take his game to a completely different level at the Etihad, so that’s the choice he should make if he has the chance to do so.

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