India Casino presents History of Teen Patti

In India, there is not a single person in the casino world, a newbie or a professional, that hasn’t heard of or tried at least once Teen Patti. That’s how big the popularity of Teen Patti is. Proven by historical facts, this one is the favorite card game of all the players.

One of the reasons why is part of one’s life in India Teen Patti defined the desi idea of gambling. Also named the “Indian Poker”, Teen Patti transmitted throughout generations the message of safe gambling. In this article, we will present you the history of Teen Patti, to better understand the importance and contribution of this game to the evolution of society.

The Origin and religious importance

First and foremost, plays a big role in religious festivals in India. This means that the game has a strong connection with the Indian cultural heritage. During the festival of Diwali, all the families and friends gathered and spent time together. This meant that everyone needed a special ritual to make the time exciting and fun.

The main attraction being the card games implying exchanging hands, Teen Patti would be the main event. A big festival like Diwali would gather the people a month in advance. There, everybody would go, play, or only spectate the game of fate versus skills.

Another connection that this game has is in the festival of Janmashtami, the birth of the Krishna deity. Just like on Diwali, people would meet up and gamble together, with Teen Patti being the main attraction.

With time, people started playing it on these special occasions and on any other day, all over the country. But the regions that claimed this game was for sure Maharashtra and Gujarati, where Teen Patti became something incredible. But with the evolution of society, the game was flourishing. Other big cities like Mumbai or Ahmedabad have adopted Teen Patti and turned it into a cultural custom.

Taash Parties and links to Europe

Being such an important event in every Indian’s life, peer pressure transformed this simple game into a Taash Party. Translated from Urdu into English, that meant a card party. Many people grew up with memories of playing card games in a cozy and wholesome atmosphere. But when Teen Patti came around, the thrill would come out and everybody would be surrounded by the excitement of the game.

But with the evolution of society, other big cities like Mumbai or Ahmedabad have adopted the game and turned it into a cultural custom. Foreign people like the British, the French would come and learn the game, and then bring it to their country. Thus, by the time the British Raj was established, Teen Patti was already documented and assimilated.

In Western Europe, this became a modern gambling game. Afterward, it would be later recognized as the predecessor of the Three Card Brag in the UK. The version from India is known today as the simplified, but with a twist, 3-card Poker.

Teen Patti today

If you want to feel the real gambling experience in India today, Teen Patti is the answer. Even for Indians, this game is an essential gambling experience that young people discover. Nowaday, a growing percentage of the casino world is making the transition to online space. The future of gambling will be on websites and mobile devices, so Teen Patti is not far behind.

To have a winning hand, it is important to remember that Teen Patti is different from poker. Most Indian players are still experimenting with different combinations, which can bring them gains at Teen Patti. But if you want to experience some yourself, Joker Hunt, Card on the Forehead, or Discard one are some popular methods.

But if you just want to try Teen Patti for the first time and enjoy this game, there are many platforms for this. The one you find on all sites or mobile applications is the original version. If you still want to try something new, you can play a game of Teen Patti live.


Nowadays, Indian people can enjoy Teen Patti in so many ways, not only in terms of location but also in terms of game variations and presentations.

With this technological advance, now is easier than anybody would have thought, to play Teen Patti online with other people. The historical popularity that has surrounded Teen Patti for centuries has impressed the planet.

This gambling game has traveled across continents and impressed entire countries, becoming a real phenomenon. Now, this online casino industry is constantly creating content for young players locally. Thus, Teen Patti brings the gambling market closer to people.

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