How Does Playing in Online Casinos Affect a Soccer Game?

The connection between the iGaming industry and football has been quite close since the beginning of the development of football sports (since the 19th century). It was then that a real leap in the development of gambling happened. However, the first gambling establishments in Europe appeared much earlier (in the 17th century). As a result, betting on football matches has become one of the main types of entertainment for people of different social classes.

This article will find out what links online gambling and modern football. Namely, how these areas influence each other and what prospects such cooperation has.

The Connection of the Gambling Industry with World Football

Of course, the most apparent connection between gambling and football is sports betting. Most of the sporting events of any betting line fall on football matches. Moreover, it does not depend on the scale and location of the bookmaker.

Bookmakers often operate on large gambling platforms. That is why online casinos directly affect European and world football. As well as vice versa. Bookmakers based on are especially popular now. Note: new online casino sites were launched in 2020 and later.

Now let’s look at the rest of the aspects that connect iGaming and the most popular sports game in the world.


You have probably seen at least one advertisement of an online gambling club with the participation of a media player, coach, or football commentator. And this is not a one-time action but a real trend. Bookmakers compete: who will “get” a more extensive and more recognizable football star. After all, this is a great way to attract young people – the central part of the fan base of world football.

However, things have changed relatively recently: on April 5, 2022, a news article appeared on the BBC portal stating that the Advertising Practices Committee had imposed severe restrictions on the use of media persons in gambling advertising. From now on, it is forbidden to involve celebrities in casino advertising.

Given that the problem of gambling addiction is becoming extremely global among young people, this is the right move. And gambling sites can use other advantages to attract an audience. For example, instant withdrawal of winnings is why is so popular right now. These are gaming operators that guarantee money withdrawal in just a few minutes.


iGaming is a robust sector that sponsors European football. Almost all the leading clubs in England, Spain, Germany, and other “football” countries have at least one bookmaker sponsor.

This is a good source of income for a football club, and it is an opportunity to become even more famous for a gambling club. Because the emblems of the sponsoring companies, placed on the players’ jerseys and billboards around the perimeter of the field, are visible throughout the match. According to the latest data, sponsor brand logos appear in the frame for 70-90% of airtime. The mutual income increases significantly if the game is broadcast during prime time.

However, as a result of recent events, the participation of betting offices in the sponsorship programs of football clubs has also not been determined. Although this can hit the income of gaming companies, other options allow you to “brand” clubs and even stadiums. A striking example is Stoke City FC and its home stadium, named after the bookmaker 365bet.

Prospects for Mutual Partnership Between the iGaming Industry and Football

After the pandemic, online gambling has reached a new level. When visiting football stadiums became unavailable, fans switched to virtual sports, including football. Online casinos only encourage new hobbies of the audience, offering the most comfortable conditions. This is how appeared – sites where you do not need to register to bet on money. Now that football fans are back to normal and can go to offline matches again, bookmakers have more business opportunities.

Despite the good economic prospects for such cooperation, a significant problem is growing – strong dependence on gambling among fans and even players.

This is the reason for the strict action taken by the Board of Betting and Gambling. Namely, specific restrictions on the advertising of gambling clubs.

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