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How Does Betting Exchange Work?

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Find Out How Betting Exchange Works And Earn Money From It


A punting exchange is a virtual outlet where punters can directly position wagers against each other. They also set overlays themselves instead of the bookies. The effect of such wagering merchandise is that it helps the gamblers exert control over their wagers. In this way, they eliminate a majority of the roles of sportsbooks. 

You can trace this practice to the 21st century. As it is now, wagering merchandise is an inter-agent platform that allows bettors to interact and furnish offers to one another. This is usually based on the joint discretion of the audience and the gamesters. 

Such merchandising outlets allow the players to maximize as many returns as possible. In any case, this often doesn’t go well with the bookies.  This is because they wouldn’t make as many returns as they would through conventional bookmaking. 

Another advantage of wagering merchandise is that it typically charges little or no fee on the net return. 

As stated earlier, punting merchandise is based on a partner-to-partner arrangement that ensures that gamesters set up their independent markets. 

The nature of this practice makes it an unequivocal and fair enterprise. In this way, it boosts winning chances with no restrictions, unlike the conventional sportsbooks’ method. 

To this end, we will walk you through other things that make up how wagering merchandise works. 

What was the First Punting Exchange?

‘Flutter’ was the foremost wagering exchange to attract the punters’ attention. It took root in 2000 and was headquartered first in the City of London. The bookie set its website in motion shortly before Betfair began to gain momentum. 

Flutter blazed the trail, allowing users to take the role of bookies to set their overlays. This was something that had never happened before the establishment of Flutter. 

Players get the odds going and the bookie receives a meager percentage for the winnings.  Unlike its counterpart (BetFair), Flutter furnished overlays in fractional values. 

In 2001, Flutter consolidated with BetFair. That was how the journey of progression began on the platform. Now it has become one of the most reputable wagering exchanges globally.

In 2004, the establishment of Matchbook ushered in gambling merchandise headquartered in the European Community and globally. 

The never-ending growth of internet facilities expanded the inventory of these exchange outlets to several sports. 

As of now, BetFair remains one of the top-rated exchange marketplaces in the world. Ladbrokes, take second place. 

How does Gambling Exchange work?

Now that you know how gambling merchandise came to be, let’s look at how they work.

This practice does not work like conventional gambling. As we’ve emphasized earlier, you will find a few disparities between them. In gambling merchandise, gamesters can either do two things. They can purchase the overlays that will produce the best results. Or they can opt for overlays with a higher probability of failure.  

If you want to understand how it works, you need to consider the example below.  It’s an example of an ice hockey event between the USA and Australia. In this case, you expect the States to win.

Instead of wagering on the USA to win, you may opt for Australia to lose the event. Then you match the wager with another one in the virtual marketplace. This makes it a happy medium for all parties. 

Common Features of Gambling Exchanges

  • Back Punting

Once you position a wager for a specific result, it is known as back punting. For instance, if an individual wagers on Chelsea winning an event against Barcelona, such a person wins the stake only if Chelsea wins against Barcelona. 

  • Lay Wagering

Lay punting is a reverse option of back punting. It happens when you position your stake for a result not to occur.  For example, if you wager on Barcelona not winning an event against Chelsea, you will only win the wager if Barcelona does not win against Chelsea.


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