Go For It Levy – Re-signing These Two Veterans Would Help Tottenham Massively In The Title Race

Why Tottenham Should Consider Signing Michael Carrick And Jermain Defoe

Michael Carrick and Jermaine Defoe are two names which are quite familiar with Tottenham and its fans. Michael Carrick spent two years at White Hart Lane before making a switch to Manchester. Similarly, Jermaine Defoe has played for Spurs in two different spells in his career. Both these players are well established and are probably one of the greatest players to grace the English game. Right now, the duo is approaching the wee end of their careers and may not play for more than a season or two. However, both are expected to leave their respective clubs at the end of the season.

Will a move to Tottenham be perfect for all the three parties involved?

Tottenham have the most balanced, youthful and dynamic squad in EPL. They are adequately stocked in all positions to challenge for the league. But recent bottling has shown that the squad needs more experience and maturity. Michael Carrick and Jermaine Defoe both have immense experience at top level.

Carrick has almost won all the trophies he could have possibly won at club level. He has been one of the most instrumental players of the teams he has played in. Even at 35, he controls the game and dictates the tempo. The United team play on a whole new level when Carrick is on the pitch.

Michael Carrick
Michael Carrick

Jermaine Defoe has carried the recently relegated Sunderland team on his own this season. The way he runs throughout the game has made many to doubt if he is really 35-years old. He has scored ample goals too.

Having said all this, both of them would not be starters in the current Tottenham team. However, they will provide enough depth for the squad and also add much-needed experience to the squad. Players like Eric Dier will learn a lot from the presence of someone like Carrick which will undoubtedly help Dier in the long run. Signing these two players will no doubt help the team as they go about challenging for trophies in the future.

This move also makes sense as they would join on a free transfer which will help Tottenham as they continue to build a new stadium.

Jermaine Defoe is a club legend at Tottenham. He has scored 143 goals in 363 appearances. He is Tottenham’s 5th leading goalscorer of all time and also Tottenham’s highest ever scorer in European competitions. He has also scored more than 100 EPL goals and is the league’s 7th highest scorer of all time.

Jermain Defoe
Jermain Defoe

Michael Carrick was a key cog in Tottenham’s wheel in his two seasons at the club. He ended up with 75 appearances and 2 goals.

The duo signing for Spurs makes perfect sense because of three factors. Firstly, they know the club well. Secondly, they would add a much-needed maturity and experience and also tutor the young Tottenham team. Thirdly, the cost involved in these moves would help Tottenham financially while also adding quality depth to the squad for at least 2 more seasons.

Written by Callum Kane

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