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Forget Fellaini: Why Manchester United Should Snap Up This Tough Tackling Midfielder

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As you may have seen a million times, Manchester United have just had one of their worst ever seasons. Now, I’m not going to bore you with the details of what happened throughout the season. I’m sure you have seen that countless times and it probably would knock you off to do it once more.

The ineffective Manchester United have had a plethora of problems. Listing them would be an arduous task I ain’t ready to undertake. First off the list, however, is the babbling midfield that has struck a disaster ever since the departure of Paul Scholes. After a year of madness and toying with the midfield, you should expect United to bring in some stability. Speaking of stability, at the top of the head, Arturo Vidal is present.

Constantly linked with United, let’s take a look at three reasons the rumours of Vidal should no longer remain rumors:

Manchester United need a midfielder

Vidal to United?

Simple. You have a strong midfielder, you have a strong team. That’s how modern football works. In a world where the men in the middle matter the most, Manchester United look lost for quality. In an ever changing world, United have chosen to remain constant with the midfield. Unfortunately, some amount of tinkering is required for every team.

Taking into picture Arturo Vidal, he represents everything that United need. An experienced player with the temperament to play big matches and a solid performer. An ability to shine from the midfield and influence his team, Vidal is required to bring back the lost midfield at United.

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