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Exciting Fact About Football: Things You’d Like to Know

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Exciting Fact About Football: Things You’d Like to Know

Football is an exciting and favorite game for millions of fans. Hence, online and offline bookmakers put this sport at the center of their offers and provide various for avid punters. Apart from promising its admirers great benefits and spectacular shows, football has an exhilarating history full of inspiring events, thrilling facts, and inspiring events. 

For example, few people know that the chant “Ole-Ole-Ole” originated from Spain. The word “Ole” was transformed from the word “Allah.” Arabs pronounced this word while praying when they occupied Spain in the VIII century. Since then, the word “Ole” has been used during bullfighting and dancing Flamenco. 

Top 10 Facts About World Football

And here is fascinating information about football:

  1. The  Wembley football stadium in England was created only for matches. Training is forbidden.
  2. Football is officially banned in six countries, including Afghanistan, Kampuchea, and Greenland.
  3. Brazil is the only country to participate in all the world football championships.
  4. The fastest goal in football history was scored during the match “Adelaide City” – “Sydney United” in 1995. 3,67 seconds after the game started, Dem Mori, the Australian from “Adelaide City,” sent the ball between the rival’s goalposts.
  5. In Utah, US, European football is allowed, provided the field is located at least 1,5 miles from the church. However, the distance is only 0,5 miles away for American football, golf, and baseball.
  6. It is known that the British are avid football fans who cherish their football clubs and for whom they are ready for much. But at the same time, the annual loss of private and state property English football fans damage is estimated at forty million pounds sterling.
  7. At the end of the 50s last century, the goalkeeper of the youth team “Djurgarden” (Stockholm) set an impressive record. He didn’t touch the ball even once in the match won by his team with a score of 18:0. 
  8. The goal of the century is recognized as the best in the history of the world football championships by the survey results organized on the FIFA website during the first World Cup of the XXI century. Diego Maradona scored a goal in the 54th minute of the 1986 FIFA World Cup quarter-finals against England. The match occurred on June 22, 1986, in the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. It was Maradona’s brilliant breakthrough in the penalty of the English team when he beat six players, including the goalkeeper. Only three minutes before that, Maradona scored an extremely controversial goal called “the hands of God.”
  9. For the first time, the penalty was performed in the football league of Ireland.
  10. On March 20, 1976, “Aston Villa’s” player Chris Nicholl in the match against “Lester City” scored two goals, both the opponent’s goal and his own one. The match ended with a score of 2: 2.

As you see, football might be unpredictable, bringing tons of fun and turning out the smallest chance to win the bet into the probability.