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The top 5 best and most outstanding soccer players of all time.

The Best Soccer Players of All Time

Football, the most popular sport in the world, enjoyed and played almost in every corner of our world, has created many outstanding players who are respected everywhere. Soccer is almost one sport in the world that has crazy fans. As the game has developed over the years, there have been outstanding footballers who have surpassed each other.

In the past, some of the most outstanding soccerers in the history of the game have amazed the world with incredible talent and unique skills. In this article, you will find out who are the best soccer players of all time, but first, we want to remind you what soccer is.

What is soccer?

Soccer is a team sport in which a team of 11 players competes against another team of 11 players on a field.

The team consists of one goalkeeper and 10 outfield soccer players. Field players usually specialize in offense or defense, or both. The team is usually separated into midfielders, defenders, and forwards, although there are no limitations on the movement of players anywhere on the field. In North America, it is known as soccer but in the rest of the world, it is called football. 

Soccer is the most famous sport in the world, with over 250 million people playing in over 200 countries. It is extremely popular in Central and South America, Europe, and Africa, although its impact is growing in Asia and North America.

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The greatest soccer players in the history

It is not so easy to become one of the most outstanding soccer players of all time. Exhausting training, competitive spirit on the field, quick decision-making in important moments, whether it’s the defense of a soccer goal or a stunning goal – these are just a few of what they have to face to become truly the best. So who are the best soccer players of all time? Who are the most outstanding soccer players ever to play this game? 

  1. Pele – The greatest soccer player in the world
  • Position: forward / attacking midfielder
  • International goals: 77 (92 caps)
  • Club goals: 541 (560 appearances)
  • Country: Brazil

Retired Brazilian experienced footballer Pele started his career at Bauru in 1953 as a forward. He has been called an idol as the most universal soccer player in the world. In addition, he is also one of the top scorers in the World Cups.

In 1999 Pele was named the Athlete of the Century by the International Olympic Committee. Pele is one of some footballers listed in the Guinness Book of Records. In addition, he is often present in the sports circles and global media so he is considered one of the most prosperous retired footballers.

He is famous for his kicking power and precision, as well as his ability to predict the movements of other players.

  1. Diego Maradona – The most outstanding footballer of all time
  • Position: attacking midfielder/second striker
  • International goals: 34 (91 caps)
  • Club goals: 259 (491 matches)
  • Country: Argentina

Diego Maradona was an Argentine professional soccer player and coach. He was widely regarded as the best football player of all time the greatest football forwards.

His career started in 1976 with Argentinos Juniors where he spent five seasons. After that, he was repositioned to the Boca Juniors club for one season, where he helped the club to obtain the Argentine Primera division.

Free Kick Master was one of his other labels. Diego was known for his ball control, passing, vision, and dribbling skills.

  1. Lionel Messi is the best footballer of all time
  • Jersey number: 10 (club and country)
  • Position: Forward
  • Golden ball: 6
  • Country: Argentina

Argentine professional footballer Lionel Messi began his career in 1992 at Grandoli. He has won the Golden Boot six times and the Ballon d’Or six times. Nowadays he stays the highest-paid football player of all time.

Leo is regarded as one of the most outstanding players in the history of soccer. He has also been on the Ballon d’Or dream team for the past 10 years.

Leo won 35 significant awards for Barcelona, ​​including seven Copa del Rey, four UEFA Champions Leagues, and 10 La Ligues. This is a tremendous victory for him and his team. 

  1. Zinedine Zidane – The most well-known soccer player
  • Position: attacking midfielder
  • International goals: 31 (108 caps)
  • Club goals: 95 (506 matches)
  • Country: France

Zinedine Zidane, also known as Zizou, was an ex-French skilled soccer player. In 1989 he debuted at Cannes. He contributed to Bordeaux winning two cups, the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Intertoto. After playing four seasons with Bordeaux, he repositioned to Juventus in 1992 and guided the club to numerous titles such as the Italian Super Cup three times, Serie A twice, and the UEFA Champions League three times.

Zinedine has been phenomenal throughout his career, winning multiple titles including Serie A Player of the Year, UEFA European Championship Tournament Player of the Year, and Onze de Bronze. Even after retiring from active football, he is still hailed as one of football’s greatest midfielders of all time.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest footballer of all time
  • Jersey number: 7 (club and country)
  • Position: Forward
  • Golden ball: 5
  • Country: Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo is widely known as unstoppable and has the nickname “CR7”. The Manchester United English Premier League striker and Portugal captain began his career at Andorinha in 1992 as a young man.

He accepts hard work and is a man of class. His best quality is his discipline and work ethic. Football GOAT, CR7, is a multiple Golden Ball winner and a four-time European Golden Boot winners. He has also won 32 major prizes throughout his career.


What is the most famous and beloved sports game, if not football? There are many great soccer players who cannot be written about in one article and there are certainly more than 5 of them. These football players have made a huge contribution to the development of football and made the game the way we know it. If you want to try your luck and bet on football you can do it with Parimatch.