Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús – Edinson Cavani Ex Wife, her Family and more

Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús is famous for being the ex wife of Uruguayan football star Edinson Cavani. Read on to learn more about her nationality, net worth, facts and family.

Maria has a fun personality and an optimistic approach to life. She was loyal to Cavani for many years before everything fell apart. Apart from being a responsible wife, she is also a caring mother. Despite having major stardom, the Uruguayan beauty has always favoured peaceful family time, hence she rarely indulges herself in any media appearances. That’s why many fans don’t know much about her lifestyle. This article will probably have all the answers to your questions.     

Edinson Cavani is considered one of the greatest strikers of our generation. In his prime time, defenders dared to cross paths with him. He has played with some European top clubs including Napoli, PSG and Manchester United. But many fans don’t know that his wife has an equally exciting life. So follow along to know more about the stunning ex-wife of Cavani.

Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthUruguay 
Ex Partner Edinson Cavani
Sister / BrotherN.A
Father & MotherN.A
Hair ColourBrunette 
Eye ColourBrown 
Net Worth (approx.)N.A

Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús Childhood and Family 

Maria was born in Uruguay, making her nationality Uruguayan. As said earlier, she is the kind of person who avoided the media her whole life. That’s why there is very little to no information available about her childhood. We currently don’t know who her father and mother are and their jobs.

Whether she has any siblings is still under review. We believe her parents did an excellent job raising her; the ethics and morale that they taught reflect Maria’s characteristics. We are looking for more details about her family and childhood. So stay tuned to know more about the stunning ex wife of Edinson Cavani. 

Maria was born in Uruguay. (Credit:
Maria was born in Uruguay. (Credit:

Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús Education

Maria went to a local high school in Uruguay. Being a studious and hard-working student, she excelled in her studies. As she hasn’t shared much about her educational journey, we are unsure whether she went for further education after that.                                   

Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús career 

Maria hasn’t revealed anything about her current role. She doesn’t have any special media presence, so we didn’t have any luck finding information there either. However, the information we have strongly suggests that she is a full-time housewife. She has been a mother for a very long time. As she enjoys hanging out with her children and husband at home, she took the role of taking good care of her family.

Many think there is no difficulty in being a housewife. Well, the truth is it can be very frustrating and stressful at times. But the rewards are equally more significant. Spending a reasonable amount of time with children and teaching them good values from an early age ensures that the children maintain a good character when they get old.                              

Maria is currently a single mother. (Credit:
Maria is currently a single mother. (Credit:

Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús Net Worth 

Maria’s net worth is currently under review. She hasn’t disclosed her earnings. We don’t know anything about her current or past roles, so we have no idea of her total worth. However, if she is a full-time housewife, she might have significantly less worth. But that doesn’t indicate her lifestyle. Mariana gets $25,000 per month in child support from Cavani.                                  

Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús and Edinson Cavani relationship

Edinson Cavani and Maria are teenage sweethearts as they have been together since they were pretty young. The duo hasn’t shared how their love story started. The duo was pretty impressed with each other’s characteristics, and they decided to take the relationship forward after their first meeting.

As they started meeting more and more, they realised that they were madly in love. After several years of dating, the pair finally tied the knot in 2007. 

Edinson Cavani and Maria are teenage sweethearts. (Credit:
Edinson Cavani and Maria are teenage sweethearts. (Credit:

However, everything fell apart after Cavani was accused of having an affair with Italian model Mara Rosaria Ventrone. It broke the heart of Maria who filed for divorce. They got separated in 2013.                                                             

Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús and Edinson Cavani Children  

The duo has two beautiful children together. Their first son, Bautista was born on March 22, 2011. Maria gave birth to their second son, Lucas on March 8, 2013.   

Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús gave birth to two children. (Credit: SkySports)
Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús gave birth to two children. (Credit: SkySports)

Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús Social media 

Maria is not a social media person. We couldn’t find any account of her on famous social media platforms. She always maintained a low-key lifestyle and never got around to the idea of sharing images of private moments.                    

FAQs about Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús

When did Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús and Edinson Cavani get married?
They got married in 2007. 
What is Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús doing now?
She is a housewife.  
How old is Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús?
She is in her 30s. 
Nationality of Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús?
She is Uruguayan. 
What is Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús’s net worth?
Her net worth is unknown. 

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