European Power Rankings

SoccerSouls European Power Rankings

Terms and Criteria

The SoccerSouls power Rankings are a weekly compilation of the 20 best teams in Europe, ranked on the basis of form and performances over the week alone.

Teams from all of the major European leagues will be included. The rankings will be updated every week. The first set of rankings are based exclusively on the results from the last gameweek.

Historical achievements and the prestige of the players in the club play no part whatsoever in the criteria for the selection of teams. The positional changes that are made will be based on current form, the value of the results, progress in competitions and any other footballing achievements.

These rankings are set as per the opinion of the writer and do not hold any official value. Do feel free to comment regarding any disputes about your team’s position or if you think a team doesn’t deserve the place that they’ve been allotted.

Based on the fixtures, these rankings will be updated every weekend so be sure to check back