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Can Any Premier League Team Match Manchester City’s Depth?

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The Premier League title race appears to be between three teams at the halfway stage, with Manchester City looking to retain their title, Liverpool looking to take it back and Chelsea also trying to get involved.

In the past, we’ve seen the best team win the Premier League more often than not, but now the argument is changing a little, and depth is part of being the best team. If this is the case, can any other Premier League team match Manchester City’s depth?

A Combination of Depth and Quality Makes City Favourites

Manchester City are not just a team with depth, they have quality also, and this is why they are currently favourites to win the league. As of December 16, the latest betting odds from list City at 53/100 to win back-to-back Premier League titles after their impressive success last season.

Liverpool are their main enemies in the standings and also according to the odds, they are 5/2 while the third team involved in the race, Chelsea, are 8/1.

The biggest reason why many believe that City will be able to win again comes with their ability to ride out injuries, and also because of the bench they can put out. If you took out the best three players from City, Liverpool and Chelsea, City would certainly be the team who could cope the best with that, the other two don’t have the same kind of depth to counter injuries to top players.

City seemingly invest every year and they did that this summer by bringing Jack Grealish into the club. While Chelsea did a lot too during the summer transfer window, including the signing of Romelu Lukaku, which was confirmed on chelseafc.com, Liverpool didn’t, which allowed the gap to widen further in terms of depth, as well as quality, given what Grealish and Lukaku can offer.

Why is Depth So Important?

We are in a position where depth in the Premier League could well be even more important than it has ever been before. The reason for this is because the Premier League continues to push forward as being the best league in Europe, with an even bigger gap to the others. This means that it is far more likely that English clubs will go further in Europe, so more games will be played and there will be more need for rotation.

Last season was a typical example of this, three of the four finalists of the two European competitions came from the Premier League. Chelsea won the Champions League as described on bbc.co.uk against Manchester City, while Manchester United lost in the Europa League final.

The Premier League has 38 games during the season for teams to play, but given how strong English clubs are in Europe, plus the domestic cup competitions, teams really need to be set up to play 50+ games over the season. Of the teams who are chasing the title, if everyone does play 50 games then Manchester City are set up to handle that far better, and that is what may eventually lead them to another league title.