Arsenal’s Curse Has Finally Struck The Flying Dutchman!

Robin Van Persie has been an absolute sensation for Manchester United ever since he made the most controversial transfer from Arsenal last summer. A whopping £24m was paid because Sir Alex believed that he could make an instant impact when he joined their squad. That being said, Persie ticked all the required boxes to shoot them up to the top of the league and perform well in cup draws. Up till the winter, Persie looked to be on fire. At one point, fans across the globe were stunned with his glowing display on the field, scoring game after game after game.

Then winter struck and the fire instantly died down.

The Good Times Of Van Persie

After scoring a goal in a Premier League match against Everton in early January, Persie has missed the opportunity, time and again to find the back of the net in the 9 games that followed. And the most disappointing aspect, coming from a United fan, is that we’re still managing to do well without his services to the game. United fans were thrilled by his performance and that thrill has been dipping since late January. Fans expected great things from this experienced lad and he hung his boots to early.

The recently concluded match against Sunderland had another side story written. Van Persie believes that he scored the goal, which was in reality, awarded to Bramble. (Sunderland defender) This eagerness shows that he’s optimistic to score and still believes in himself. That confidence might bring him back on track. He’s a brilliant striker with technical skill, a tactical mind and an experienced footballer.

Nothing can stop him when he finds his form; and when he does, all the other teams should begin to start utilizing their precautionary methods because it’s going to be a tough road from there.

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