Manchester United: The Save That Marked A Bitter Memory In Chicharito’s Life

If not for the conventional virtues of Petr Cech, Chelsea’s nightmare would have repeated helplessly. Rafael Benitez’s team imposed a 1-0 victory over Manchester United in the FA Cup semi-final this Monday and they have to thank their goal keeper for that moment of brilliance he showed against a fearsome Hernandez’ header.

When a play was conceived phenomenally from the right side, Danny Welbeck, sent a pin point cross towards the Man United goal poacher and the Mexican accepted the appointment and topped off guard. The ball was destined to be in the back off the net and every around the Stamford Bridge thought so, until Petr Cech did something which can only be explained as contortionist skills to stop the ball. He stood up and gave a triumphant smile mischievously at the Mexican who was left with honey on the lips.

However, Hernandez reacted as very few would. Looked up the heavens and cursed for his misfortune, and then applauded the keeper for his brilliance. Cech gladly accepted the gesture and the game continued with a corner kick instead of a restart. The media for its part shared the story without mocking the rivalry.

“It was a great ball from the wing and Javier did well to direct the ball into the goal. I went as fast as I could and left my left arm to do the job. I tried to cover as much space as I could and luckily I was able to reach it. I knew before the cross came that Hernandez was there, so I knew I’d have to be really quick to get there, that’s what allowed me to make the save.

“You need to have awareness of the people around you as it helps you make the right decision. It was an important moment in the game, I’m sure a lot of people could already see the ball in the goal, so I was glad I got enough on it to push it over. I got a few messages from other players and keepers, it’s great that people can appreciate the save.

“Even in the first half with the shot from Hernandez, when the ball moved away from me, it was a scary moment and it took a lot of energy for me to kick the ball away, so I’m pleased with the way I played.” concluded the keeper.

Hernandez, meanwhile, remains free of bitterness in football. Although the Mexican has been brilliant whenever he is on the pitch, the player continues to be an under study of Rooney and Van Persie. There are also rumours surrounding Old Trafford that the Red Devils are looking to bring in Lewandowski in the summer window.

A player who always gives his 100% to the team maybe deserves more playing time. Is it time for Chicha to finally move on?

Here is the save:

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]hn6S_tTs6AU[/youtube]




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