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5 Reasons Why Liverpool Receive So Much Hate From Rival Fans

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Liverpool are one of the most successful clubs in the history of English football. Liverpool have a gloriois past which is full of trophies. The Reds have won the league 18 times, the 2nd highest by any club. Also, they have 5 Champions League trophies to their credit which is a record for any English club. Liverpool fans have always been proud of their club’s rich past and when it comes to fans, Liverpool have one of the biggest fanbases all over the world. When someone says “Liverpool” and “fan” together, the first sight that comes to majority of our minds is the 20,000 Reds singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in unison at the Kop.

And when it comes to fans, there are always rival fans who will hate the club due to some reasons and maybe sometimes without a reason. Liverpool have received a lot of hate from rival fans, especially from Manchester United fans. Liverpool and Manchester United are one of the fiercest rivals on and off the field, their fans take their places. Here are 5 reasons why Liverpool have recieved so much hate from their rival fans.

1.) Glorious Past

Liverpool’s rich history is unparalleled. Up till the 1990s, they were the most successful and consistent club in England. Liverpool had won the league 18 times in the previous era of English football. Liverpoop have a very proud set of fans and they like to boast about their clubs past. Rival fans do not like this approach and it is a big reason for rival fans hating the club.

2.) No recent success, yet we say we are the best

Liverpool’s past was one of triumphs and trophies, but now, things have changed. The Reds are no longer the threat that they once used to be. Liverpool have never been crowned champions of England in the new era i.e the Premier League era. Even then, Liverpool fans think of their club as one of the best in England as well as in Europe. And at the moment, Liverpool are far from being the best. This mindset of the fans has drawn a lot of flak from rival fans.

3.) The best fans

Liverpool fans have always supported their team, like the 12th man. When the team is winning, the fans celebrate it like a personal victory. And when the team is losing, “You’ll Never Walk Aline” is sung at the highest tone to encourage the players. And that has sparked the most remarkable of comebacks.

4.) Recent Renaissance


In the last eight years, Liverpool had become just another club which finished in the top-8 of the Premier League and competed in the domestic cups with very little European football. But then came the 2013/14 season when Liverpool were just a whisker away from winning the Premier League. And last season, since Jurgen Klopp took over as the head coach, things have started becoming better. Liverpool are rebuilding and will gradually become the threat they were. This is something that the “big clubs” and their fans won’t like. And that also adds to the hatred that these fans have for Liverpool.

5.) Players

Liverpool have produced players who have won the hearts of not only Liverpool fans but also of opposing fans. Steven Gerrard, Ian Rush, Kenny Dalglish are all gold. But there are players whose antics have developed hate in rival fans. For instance, Luis Suarez’s racist comment against Patrice Evra and his biting incident involving Branislav Ivanovic has resulted into rival fans making chants on him. There are many such incidents and this is also a reason why rival fans hate Liverpool.

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