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3 Transfers That Could Set The Premier League On Fire Including Man United & Chelsea Targets

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Hardly two days have gone by since Manchester City won the title and we are already missing Premier League football. The thoughts of not witnessing players fight it out each week for the next three months is daunting indeed.

However, thankfully this year, we have the World Cup in the summer. The greatest sporting event on Earth is taking place in football’s celestial home and we sure have a month full of action and excitement awaiting us.

But, the problems of watching a World Cup surfaces only at the start of the next season. The adrenaline and experience of the World Cup is hardly recreated in the leagues and we are left quite disappointed. The transition from the World Cup to league football is quite tough but there are ways in which it could be smooth.

As we look towards such a transition, we shall take a look at three players who could light up the Premier League with their arrival and carry on the momentum from the World Cup:

Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller

The Golden Boy of Germany back in the 2010 World Cup. What a player he is. When you look at the top strikers in the world, few would list him in that list. Perhaps, his versatility restricts him from appearing on any list.

But, if you wanted to break a defense and get a goal, put him on the field and he’ll do it. Simply put, Thomas Muller in the archetype of the modern attacker. Although not gifted with technical ability or an amazing shot, Muller’s intelligence makes him one of the most dangerous players in the world.

As he himself has proclaimed, his greatest ability is finding space, no matter where he plays. He finds space off defenders to carve out a chance for himself or his teammate. His intelligent movement often brings him one on one with the keepers and he deals with it quite comfortably.

He may not be the biggest name nor will he be dazzling you with exquisite footwork, but he sure will score goals and provide assists. He will let his game do the talking and that is what makes him one of the most exciting youngsters in Europe.

With the monotonous English forwards present, Muller, who is rumoured to sign for Manchester United, will be a welcome addition and provide a bite of surprise out of nowhere.