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3 Reasons Why This £27m Super Saint Is A Perfect Fit For Manchester United

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Over the past couple of seasons, one thing has been very apparent at Old Trafford, the gradual decline in the form of left back Patrice Evra. Arguably one of the best left backs of his generation, the Frenchman has slowly but surely started to fade away and has left Manchester United short changed on several occasions this season.

Having put in a bid of £27m for Southampton’s teenage starlet Luke Shaw, United are finally starting to realize that it is time to move the Frenchman. In his first couple of years in the Premier League, Shaw has taken to life like a duck to water. Still only 18, he might yet become better and here are three reasons why signing Shaw would be a good move for United.

Luke Shaw
Luke Shaw

1. Provides a solid platform at the back

One of the reasons why Evra has got a lot of stick not just this year, but for the last couple of years has been his defensive contribution. Going forward, Evra is still a major threat, but it is defensively that the Frenchman has been caught out on one too many occasions. Still only a teenager, Shaw has already demonstrated that he is not just an attacking option, but can be used as a valuable defensive asset as well.

While he can be caught out going forward sometimes, his pace and ability to track his man means that more than capable of getting back. His recovery runs are simply sublime and his ability one-on-one with a winger is second to none. With an innate ability to be at the right place at the right time, not only is Shaw very good at intercepting the ball, but has shown on more than one occasion that he can tackle tenaciously as well. Something United have sorely lacked at full back.