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Why This £20million Serie A Midfielder Would Be A Great Addition For Jurgen Klopp At Liverpool

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It doesn’t seem that Jurgen Klopp is intending to stop buying young and talented players anytime soon. We have seen the quality of his purchases in the past, and the former Borussia Dortmund head coach is very likely to keep this rhythm in his stay with the Reds. Along his career, we have witnessed Klopp’s enthusiasm about youngsters, and he has developed a lot of them, making these players real superstars.

Since his arrival at Merseyside, Klopp and his team have been linked to plenty of players around the world, and most of them have been youngsters. Fortunately for him, all the young lads he has purchased have been great for Liverpool; Sadio Mane is one of those examples, as he became one of the most important figures of the team this season.

The negotiations for Christian Pulisic were turned down by Klopp’s former team; therefore Liverpool have looked for more players to increase the quality of the team. It is not a surprise that all Liverpool’s rumours are about youngsters who are having an outrageous season with their respective teams. Luckily for Liverpool, they have just a little of competition in the race for these lads; unluckily for them, those competitors are also big European teams.

The Merseyside squad is reportedly keen to acquire Franck Kessie’s services during the next summer transfer window. The 19-years-old, who is rated at £20million, Atalanta star is having an explosive season in Serie A, that’s why Klopp wants him in his ranks next season. However, having a lot of young and talented players in his lines, German boss doesn’t know what could happen with this lad in his team.

Juventus have reportedly made a £20million bid for Franck Kessie

Kessie is a great player, and it is not a surprise that the kid is emerging as one of the most exciting talents coming up through the ranks in Serie A. It is not a minor detail that Kessie plays for the team who has the best academy in Italy, Atalanta. He surely learnt something during his stay in Bergamo team.

Franck will certainly be a great addition to Liverpool, since the lad would arrive in a young team, with a head coach who can easily explode his strengths and improve his weakness. Also, as we said, he could land in a young environment, something that can make his journey easier in Liverpool.

Owning talented youngsters is never overrated and as long as the Reds can manage to sign several prospects, they should definitely continue to do so, and this 19 years old forward seems like the kind of player who can come out of nowhere and become a star.

There is no doubt about the quality of the kid, and Liverpool’s scout know this very well, as they saw the boy past November when Atalanta defeated Roma with a goal from Franck. However, Liverpool needs to be warned about the other contenders in the race for Kessie’s services; as Juventus is also reportedly interested in acquiring the young lad and in Italian squad’s case, they are unlikely to wait until next summer.