“Zlatanera” (to dominate) – A New Word Added In Honor Of Ibrahimovic

The Swedish Language Council have have decided to officially add the term ‘to Zlatan’ to their lexicon (dictionary).


The verb, essentially “to Zlatan” (“Zlatanera”), has been in common use by Swedes for a few months now.

According to the Swedish Language Council, ‘to Zlatan’ in English means “to clear anything with force, to dominate.” The definition acknowledges French origins, stating: “from French, referring to footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who dominates both on and off the pitch.”

The super Swedish striker has had an excellent start to life in Ligue 1 where he has 18 goals for PSG at the midway point of the campaign.

This new word – “Zlatanera” – will now be in official Swedish dictionaries for 2013. Ridiculous!

This is some kind of immortality that even Messi would just dream off. ZLATAN just Zlatans! Next word to be added is “Zlatanism” :P


Written by Dinesh V

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