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Wow! Newcastle United’s Star Expressed His Desire To Play For Arsenal

With Newcastle United getting relegated, it is expected that some players from will leave the St. James’ park to play a top division football. According to the reports from Talksport, their 26-year-old French midfielder Moussa Sissoko has admitted that he wants to leave the club and expressed his desire to remain in the Premier League by admitting his wishes to play with Arsenal through which, he could participate in the Champions League.

Sissoko joined Newcastle in January 2013 on a six-and-a-half-year deal, captained the side for the final few games of last season. He made more than 10 appearances for the Magpies and bagged 12 goals.

In an interview, he said:

“I gave everything there for three-and-a-half years.

“I hope that today [Newcastle] will be smart enough to understand that to continue my development I need to keep playing at the highest level.

“As I want to stay in the France team I could not stay in the Championship. There will be discussions. I hope they will go in my opinion. I want to leave.”

“It is flattering that a coach like him (Benitez), a great coach, wants to keep me, but I think he knows that I have got to a level where playing in the Championship would be difficult for me.

“I think he understands. I have already had a discussion with him. My representatives will have a discussion with him.

“I think he knows what I want, where I want to go. So I hope there will be no problem for me to find my happiness in another club.”

Speaking for Arsenal, he said:

“It’s very flattering, Arsenal is one of the best European clubs. Be followed by this kind of club, it’s good to know. I hope I will have a chance soon to play for this club or a similar club.

“I think few people would refuse to play for this club. The beautiful Arsenal. We’ll see.

“I cannot tell you that I will go to Arsenal. For now, I’m focused on France and Euro 2016.

“I have advisors who manage all this and I hope everything will go well with minimal difficulty for me to find another club.”