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Wow! Liverpool Boss Klopp Hails Double Transfer Deal As Perfect

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Two Liverpool players have joined Bournemouth recently. However, the deal gives the Reds’ fans more reasons to rejoice than to be upset.

Jordan Ibe joined Bournemouth for £15 million and Brad Smith for £6 million. While the two players have been deemed surplus by the new Reds manager Jurgen Klopp the German boss has refused to rule out a possible return. In fact the steps Liverpool has taken will give them certain advantage when they do plan to take back the duo.

“At that age you have to play and that was the case with Brad Smith and Jordon Ibe,” Klopp told the Liverpool Echo.

“They had the possibility to do that (with Bournemouth) and they were deals that absolutely made sense for both sides.

“We will watch them, they will have pressure there, they will fight for the league or whatever, and we will see them growing up in pressure situations. That’s perfect.

“If a player is on loan it’s different. It’s like going on holiday. You can always go home. That’s difficult for these guys as they are always between clubs.

“Now Smith and Ibe are there and we have buy-back clauses. Hopefully they do really well and then in the end we and them will decide.

“The goodbyes were okay with both of them. Liverpool is still in their hearts so we will have a chance if they do well.”

Ibe, 20, had impressed last season, but is expected to develop further at Bournemouth and while Smith, 22, has not been as impressive as Ibe can still turn his fortune around. The club has inserted a buy-back clause in their contracts and will have the flexibility to get them back below the market price if either of them become suitable for Liverpool’s first team in the near future.