WOW! Daniel Sturridge’s Dancing Celebration Is Becoming A Brand On Its Own

Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge is seen wearing his new brand of headgear during training and anywhere and everywhere, but sad for the player his elation was not to stay too long with him.

Daniel Sturridges Liverpool celebration cap pops up in Konans new rap video

Reports suggest that Sturridge and his team mates were reminded by the officials at Liverpool that the players are only to wear the kit supplied by New Balance and nothing from other brands apart from their boots, however this has not stopped the player and his team mates wear the DStudge- Do the Sturridge headgears.

Following the match against Aston Villa, Sturridge’s cap seems to have travelled places and ended up in Youtube in a video of rapper Konan who is seen sporting Sturridge’s hat and going along with his slang-filled rap.

Being banned by Liverpool bosses from sporting his brand does not seem to stop Sturridge from making others wear the same.


Written by Sanjeevani Dhakal

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