WOW! Arsenal To Steal A Star Player Away From A Title Contender

Arsenal Transfer News

Arsenal has been looking out to sign Leicester City’s Ben Chilwell for a long time now. The Gunners previous bid of £3million for the player was rejected by the club.

Leicester City so as to keep the player in their squad, have given the player more game time. According to the Daily Mirror, Arsenal is going to put up a new bid for the player.

Further, Leicester has offered a new contract for the player with better terms so as to stave off more interests from other clubs.

Chilwell being in Wenger’s target list has put Keiran Gibbs’ future in the Emirates Stadium into serious doubts.

While Leicester are doing all they can to keep Chilwell in the club, Wenger is also determined to sign the player. Further, Leicester will also have to be careful of more clubs interested in the player the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham. These clubs are keeping close tab on the player and the situation thereof.


Written by Sanjeevani Dhakal

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