World’s Fastest Player XI: Featuring Stars From Arsenal, Chelsea And La Liga Teams

Pace is one of the most vital component in today’s game, as matches in top leagues across the world are played at a very high tempo. Mostly we hear of wingers being the players with the most pace as it is their job to run at the opposition defenses. If you just look at the top two players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi you will understand how important speed is to their game. Pace is becoming an integral part of strategies and tactics now a days, it’s never been a secret that pace can’t be taught nor can it be defended against.

Here is our starting XI of the fastest players in the world.

Joe Hart (Manchester City)

This is the most difficult position to decide as goalkeepers hardly do much running across the pitch but one man who on numerous instances has shown quickness is Joe Hart. Many would remember how he ran the whole length of the pitch in a matter of few seconds during a Manchester derby few years ago. He ran faster than all his teammates and stopped what would surely have been United’s second.

Written by Anurag Singh

Eden Hazard

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Pedro Chirivella

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