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World Soccer’s 5 Most Ridiculous Goals of All Time

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Hoffenheim's Andrej Kramaric has established himself as one of the lethal goalscorers in the Bundesliga. (Getty Images)
Most Ridiculous Goals ( Source: ruftv.ru )

Soccer is popular all over the world and is famous for spectacular and beautiful goals. Yet, sometimes very funny moments happen. In this article, you will read about five of the funniest goals in history.

Wind-assisted goal

One of the most ridiculous own goals in soccer history was scored in 2015, in the England lower division match between Romford and Thurrock. 

Thurrock’s Kamarl Duncan cleared the ball with a strong shot from his half of the field. The ball flew up and was hit by a gust of wind, which picked it up and sent it in the opposite direction. The goalkeeper did not have time to do anything, so the wind scored the goal, although the protocol states that Duncan sent the ball into his own goal. 

By the way, the bookmakers opened the line several times for the next goal of the wind. They even accept bets on the number of its goals in one calendar year.

The goal that never happened

Most Ridiculous Goals (Source: bugaga.ru)

In the German championship, Bayer beat Hoffenheim, so the second goal of Stefan Kiessling did not surprise the guests’ fans much. But he surprised those who were right outside the goal. The fact is that after a corner kick, Kiessling sent a ball into the net with a header. Only the ball hit the goal net from the outside pierced it through, and flew into the goal. 

At that time, the VAR system did not exist, so the referee counted the goal, which was victorious for Bayer. Only after the match, it became clear that the ball had not been scored.

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Ridiculous farewell

The famous Czech defender Pavel Krmas “standed out” in the last match of his career. Pavel played for Freiburg in the game against Hannover. He wanted to clear the ball, but he picked the wrong angle and… sent the ball into his team’s net with a powerful kick. The match ended 2-1 in favor of Hannover. A ridiculous goal by Krmas was the decisive one, and it was because of it Freiburg was forced to relegate to the second league, finishing in the last place in the championship.

Do not celebrate before time

Most Ridiculous Goals (Source: bugaga.ru)

The Thai goalkeeper for Satri Angkhonk remembered this rule for the rest of his life. In the game against Bangkok Sports Club, it came down to a penalty shootout. One of the last shots came from a Bangkok player. He sprawled and hit the crossbar. 

The Satri Angkhonk goalkeeper realized that the ball had not hit the goal, and he was happy because the miss meant victory for his team. But, the ball, which flew up after rebounding from the crossbar, fell on the field and rolled into the goal. The goalkeeper rushed back but failed to save his team from defeat.

Another funny celebration

German goalkeeper Hans-Jörg Butt took part in one of the funniest goals in the German championship. He played for Bayer and in the game against Schalke, he asked permission to take a penalty kick.

Butt managed to score, after which he took congratulations from his partners for a long time. The Schalke footballers realized that he would not have time to reach his goal. Therefore, after playing the ball in the center of the field, the Schalke players ventured into a long-range strike. Butt, of course, did not have time to reach, so the ball hit right into the goal net.

After that, bookmakers began to offer players to bet on when Butt’s trick was repeated by some careless goalkeeper.