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With the fans not being happy, Leeds United should reduce their ticket prices – agreed?

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Leeds Should Reduce Their Ticket Prices And Here’s Why They Should Do It

Much to the chagrin of many a football supporter Sky TV change the date and time of games, often at relatively short notice, meaning fans have to rearrange their train, plane, bus and hotel plans at a cost.

With fans already inconvenienced, the last thing they expect or want is to have to pay over the odds to watch their side play away from home and at the centre of this current argument is Bristol City, whose fans and local media are not happy with Leeds United and understandably so.

The Robins have sold less than 500 tickets for their away trip to Elland Road this Sunday given, other than the 400-mile round trip they face, they are being charged up to £42 for tickets!

£42 is more than we should pay to watch Premier League football (this used to be a working-class game and should be a game for all) and in fact what makes it all the more galling is that the Premier League, in fact, has an away ticket cap of £30.


In truth, fans can pay as much as £41 at Ashton Gate so one must be careful of a pot-kettle-black scenario, though it must be said that Leeds’ policy is particularly exclusive with some fans charged as much as £49 to sit in Elland Road this season.

Other clubs are guilty of similar pricing for away fans, it must be said, but with this weekend’s game taking plenty of focus, it is right to concentrate on Leeds’ pricing policy and frankly it is ripping off honest football fans who they know want to follow their team.

You’ll find no boring, repeated football banter here. I wouldn’t criticise Bristol City fans for not turning up in Leeds in great numbers, rather I applaud them for not being willing to be extorted by Leeds United Football Club. A club with a support like Bristol City’s turning up at Leeds with 500 people should send a message: fans will no longer pay whatever is demanded to watch Championship football.

Wolverhampton Wanderers are subsidising their fans at Elland Road for another Sky fixture to the tune of £7, effectively bringing the £37 price down to £30 which frankly is still too much!

The amount of money involved in football these days from sponsors and TV companies is immense and, while we know the Championship doesn’t receive what the Premier League does, this should mean ticket prices going down, not up.

It will not overtly affect TV viewing figures to have stadia full, in fact, it would improve their broadcast output to have bigger, noisier crowds and so maybe it’s time that both the TV companies and especially the clubs reduced their prices in order to fill seats.