Winter Clear-out At Liverpool: 3 Players Who Should Be Shown The Exit Door

Jurgen Klopp might have seen a victory over the league leaders, Leicester City at Anfield but he would be worried about his team. Not only have Liverpool not been able to play based on how he wants them to setup, the number of injuries to his team is increasing.

Divock Origi is the latest player to miss out on the team after picking up a hamstring injury against Leicester and that would thin out the number of players in the team as well. Fortunately for Jurgen, Daniel Sturridge is set to return but that would only mean for a couple of weeks before he breaks down again. Find out which casinos offer the famous where the jackpot never goes below $1 Million, which could be useful for Sturridge.

Liverpool haven’t had the best of luck with injuries but they also need to look into their squad and with the January window coming up it could well be time for the manager to send off a few players while their stock value is high.

Here are a few Liverpool players currently in the squad at Anfield that could be set to feature on the January transfer window.

3. Joe Allen

Used sparingly even under Brendan Rodgers, no one really knows what the ‘Welsh Xavi’ actually brings to the Liverpool team. The former Swansea player is a great passer but only within the midfield and doesn’t really have a great shot in him as well.

Jurgen Klopp might want to bring in more quality to the Liverpool midfield or at least, creativity and that would mean having to free up a few slots in the team. Allen could well be the first departure from the club.

He is a good squad player but with the likes of Milner, Henderson, Leiva and Can ahead of him, it could be curtains for the Welshman at Anfield.

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