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Winter Clear-out At Chelsea: Diego Costa Must Go

Winter Clear-out At Chelsea: 3 Players Who Should Be Shown the Exit Door

The manager might have left but there has been a lot said about the performances of some of the players at the club. Chelsea sacked Jose Mourinho and placed Guus Hiddink in temporary charge till the end of the season but the fans have blamed the players more than the manager of failing the team.

Chelsea haven’t really spent a lot of money in bringing in talent but they certainly need to freshen things up. They might have said, or at least Jose did, of not being able to make it into the top four but the way this season has gone Chelsea still have a chance of getting into Europe if they make a few changes in their squad.

The January transfer window could well be a defining one for the Blues and with a new manager in charge, it could well be the end of a few players at the club. Check out this site for information on casino slots, and bonuses, if you are placing your bets this winter transfer window.

  1. Diego Costa

Diego Costa

Probably the first player who should be sold from the team simply because of the negative vibes he sends across the team. Diego Costa certainly had a hand in the fate of Jose Mourinho and while people might blame him for leading a revolt against the Portuguese, he certainly did not play at all for the club in the first half of the season.

The 27-year-old doesn’t seem to have many friends at the club either and well he does seem to want to have a fight against the opposition whenever he can. For the sake of the team’s harmony till the end of the season, Costa must be sold as soon as possible by Hiddink.