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Well there is nothing more important than fitness when it comes to sports and when the sport your are playing is football, the amount of stamina and endurance one should have is beyond imaginable for a common man. Modern footballers need to be high-performance athletes as well as accomplished with the ball at their feet, with today’s stars spending as much time on fitness and at the gym as they do on the training pitch.

“Players have been tracked running as much as 9.5miles in one 90minute game and with all the stopping and starting – it truly is an incredible feat which is replicated week in week out for many professional football players. So to celebrate the footballers and the fans dedication to the game, Ladbrokes are offering a Fifa 14 game to one of you lucky readers (we know from experience the amount of stamina necessary to play 12hours of Fifa without stopping).”

Football is a team game where a player on average runs about 8-10 miles in a game when compared to other games. The likes of field hockey, NBA, NFL where on average a player runs about 4-5 miles with tons of breaks inbetween. Given that the majority of movement from footballers is sprinting and tracking opponents, it makes the feat all the more impressive. To repeat this week-in, week-out, in the club matches, the innumerable training ground routines, the pointless International friendlies and in the major tournaments, playing more than 50 games in a season under enormous pressure is an amazing testament to the conditioning of the world’s best players.

Ladbrokes offers you the chance to win a free FIFA 14 game

So to celebrate the endurance and fitness of modern-day footballers and the fans dedication to the game, Ladbrokes are offering a free Fifa 14 game to one of you lucky readers (they know from experience the amount of stamina necessary to play 12 hours of Fifa without stopping).

Ladbrokes also holds it’s own Endurance Challenge, with onlike poker playerswinning points and potentially a financial windfall from their dedication to a marathon session with the cards.

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