Will Tottenham Miss This €23.6 Million Star Whilst He Serves His Ban?

Pochettino says: "We accept the charge, and now we need to move forward"

There is always a player who performs in an international tournament and gets a summer move largely based on that. The summer just gone and Moussa Sissoko, you have to say, was that player. For 3.5 years, he flattered to deceive at Newcastle. They knew he had something, but they just couldn’t get the best out of him. This culminated in their relegation.

So when Sissoko had a superb Euro 2016 tournament, Mike Ashley’s eyes would have lit up. Suddenly Sissoko’s stock had risen drastically. This started a summer of transfer rumours for the Frenchman and he was linked to most of the top clubs in England and even the likes of Real Madrid for huge fees.

Eventually, on transfer deadline day, after holding out in his game of chicken, Mike Ashley played on the desperation and riches of Premier League clubs and had £30million bids from Tottenham and Everton.

Now it’s a curious thing when fans celebrate the sale of a player. Especially so when you sell that player for such a high sum. Newcastle fans were united with one common opinion “we have just pulled off the heist of the century.”

It’s hard to go against Mauricio Pochettino given his ability to turn players that look like they don’t have much ability into great players. But if he manages this with Sissoko it could well be his greatest trick yet.


The Frenchman, who is rated at €23.6 million by the CIES Football Observatory, has shown absolutely nothing since he joined the North London club. Nothing. The game, to be honest, looks a struggle for him. His control is poor, the ball gets caught underneath his feet, his passing is wayward. He cannot cross and his shooting is dreadful. His best performance was probably a workmanlike one against Manchester City that was still short on quality. One person on twitter recently said “Sissoko looks like a dog chasing a balloon”. And the funniest thing about that is; that it is completely true.

When Tottenham brought him on as a substitute against Bournemouth at the weekend, they were looking at somebody who could change the game. They were struggling to break through a stubborn Bournemouth defence, so needed a bit of inspiration. They called on Sissoko to show some of his Euro 2016 performances, to pick the ball up and drive at the Bournemouth defence, to unsettle them and create a chance.

Instead, what he chose to do was pick the ball up for a throw in with Bournemouth’s Harry Arter nearby, and then elbow him in the face. Quite frankly, it was miraculous that he didn’t get a red, as the ref or linesman didn’t see the incident. A few days after the game it was announced that he had been charged with violent conduct and would serve a three-match ban.

Will Tottenham miss the Frenchman? The resounding answer is no. There is nothing to miss.

In fact, when news of his charge was announced, there was one comment on a Spurs forum that gained the most applause.

“If we appeal Sissoko’s charge and the appeal is rejected does that mean he will be banned for longer? If so, lets appeal”

Written by Johnny Robery

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