Will Chelsea Be A Formidable Force Next Season If They Can Complete These Two Attacking Moves?


The transfer window might be a few months away but the rumour mills are on full power, one such rumour floating around is the fact that Chelsea are looking to make a block buster deal, like they do almost every season and are set to complete a double swoop of Yaya Toure and Koke for a reported £64 million.

Chelsea are always looking to improve their team and this double swoop could actually work for them, the need for world class players in all positions is important and these two players would actually improve the squad overall.

The young and the veteran

Talking about the 31 year old Yaya Toure, many would think that he would not have it in him to continue playing at this level for longer but if he goes back to his old defensive midfielder role and not the dynamic role he is playing in now, he could extend his playing career. Yaya used to actually play as a defensive midfielder at his time in Barcelona before he was playing as a more attacking player at City.

Toure might have a bit of a fitness concern at times but there is no denying the fact that he is one of the best midfielders out there and he could certainly provide some bulkiness to the Chelsea midfield, which isn’t the most physical when you compare the team sheets. He also has a lot of experience and certainly could provide a lot for the club.

Now when it comes to Koke, he could be one of the best signings for the club, he is only 23 years old and can play in a number of positions. He can play either as a winger, midfielder or a secondary striker, depending on the need. In all probability he could be a signing which could easily make it to Stamford Bridge since they already have Felipe Luis and Diego Costa on their books.

Koke does have a bright future and he would probably cost more than the signing of Yaya but he would provide more to the club over the years. The fact that he can provide a lot of depth in midfield and can also help out in defence is something, which can help Chelsea out, they do not have a lot of players who can play in different positions and Koke does provide them that. He is a world class athlete and would be an unbelievable signing if Chelsea can pull it off.