Why This Midfielder Bulldozer Could Be A Great Addition To This Chelsea Side

Geoffrey Kondogbia is wanted by Chelsea and Liverpool

Whenever you get the chance to, you just need to try to build up on your team and reinforce your side in order to stay relevant and competitive, especially when you play in the world’s most difficult tournament, the English Premier League.

Even if you’re leading the table, as Antonio Conte’s team is doing right now, you need to make adjustments and sign new faces if you don’t want to become a predictable team or fall short of your goal because of tired legs, injuries or suspensions at the final stages of the season.

So, considering how shorthanded and how little rotation there has been for the Blues so far this year, they’re ready to become one of the most aggressive teams during this upcoming transfer window, acquiring players to reinforce almost every sector on the field to remain the most dominant side in England at least until the end of this season.

Chelsea’s midfield has been completely outstanding, featuring N’ Golo Kante and Nemanja Matic most of the times with Cesc Fabregas making some appearances, but considering that Chalobah still isn’t ready and Conte has lost John Obi Mikel and Oscar, they’re on a huge need for depth at this spot, so bringing a couple of guys to help off the bench would be the smartest thing to do at the moment.

And a player who has been recently linked with several Premier League sides like Liverpool and Manchester United has apparently appeared on Chelsea’s agenda as well; Geoffrey Kondogbia, as the 23 year old from France is reportedly keen to get the hell out of Internazionale as soon as he has the chance to do so.

Kondogbia has struggled for games this season

Kondogbia is one of the most talented players of his generation, something very impressive considering how many outstanding players France has produced and developed over the last few years, and his talent is just being wasted at a mediocre Italian side where he hasn’t been given the chances he deserves.

The Frenchman has just made 12 appearances for Internazionale over the course of the year after being the complete boss of AS Monaco’s midfield a couple of seasons ago, and considering his youth, he should definitely be pursued by a bigger team this time, as he could be a huge bargain.

On top of that, he could provide a nice backup for N’ Golo Kante, who has been arguably the most determinant and important player for Chelsea this season and definitely deserves a time off, as he has featured in almost every game for and that could certainly hurt him at the end of the year.

Geoffrey would be an excellent buy for any team that makes a run at him, but Chelsea would definitely be his best choice, as he could actually have some playing time while playing on a system that would benefit him a lot as the main guy in the center of the pitch, and pairing him with Kante would be something completely terrifying for opposing teams trying to hurt them on offence.

Written by Ernesto Cova

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