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Why This Borussia Dortmund Star Would Be A Perfect Partner For Tottenham’s World-class Hitman

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Christian Pulisic

Why Christian Pulisic Will Be A Perfect Partner For Harry Kane

Christian Pulisic, an unfamiliar name in the world football is now a target for every major European club after his accomplishments last season at Borussia Dortmund. The 19-year-old United States international midfielder is the youngest ever goalscorer for the USA and has already racked up more goals at the international level than Lionel Messi has done for Argentina.

Pulisic has already garnered plenty of success being only in his teen years. Given what we have seen from him so far, there is absolutely no question about his potential. While most footballers of his age tend to get engulfed in all the stardom, Pulisic has embraced it in a positive way and is looking to improve further.

“I try to do the best I can for myself and the people around me,” Dortmund’s wonder kid said recently. “I think I have a lot of things to improve on, from growing physically and getting stronger to improving what it is I feel I do best, running at defenders. I want to find new ways to attack opposition defences and to help my team going forward.”

Should he be able to do that on a regular basis, Pulisic is bound to find the same glory and success that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have worked hard for all their lives. But how long will the American teenager play with a deteriorating Dortmund side? He’s at the right age to make a move and given how things are going under Mauricio Pochettino, there is no better club for Pulisic to join, than Tottenham.

Harry Kane

Pulisic could potentially form a deadly strike partnership with the underrated Harry Kane at Tottenham. Just like he found success with Aubameyang at Dortmund, Pulisic can bring his amazing skills and energy to the Premier League.

The American youngster would perfectly fit into Pochettino’s side given his ability to break defences and make those daring runs on the wings. The 19-year-old will have a world class striker like Harry Kane to appreciate his hard work on the pitch by scoring more and more goals for his side.

This could potentially be a deadly partnership in the making as it would not only help his career but also help Spurs push the envelope in the years to come. Add to that, Mauricio Pochettino is possibly the best person to harness his talent and put it to the right use.

Pulisic would be a dream signing for Tottenham and a perfect one that!

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