Why This Arsenal Striker Target Is Not All That Great As He Is Hyped – Comparing The 23-year Old With Giroud

Alvaro Morata (Juventus) vs Olivier Giroud (Arsenal)

Juventus has been brilliant this season yet again. They had a sloppy start to the season where they lost 3 consecutive matches but, they currently are enjoying their top spot in Serie A this season with a six points lead.

Many players have shined this season from the Juventus’s squad like Juan Cuadrado who is having a great loan spell at Italy, Paul Pogba- the most wanted player in Europe, Paulo Dybala who is still an unknown figure in the world, but, is storming the league. He is one of the five players in Europe’s major league who have reached double figures in both goals and assist this season. Dybala has been the key figure in Juventus’s attack this season.


But besides all of them, there is this Spaniard Alvaro Morata whose career is in extreme doubt with the club but, he is having a great season with the club and has been a crucial character in this star-studded Juventus’s squad. He had a great performance against Bayern Munich last time out where he was a pure joy to watch. Was skipping past the defenders very easily and showed one of his many skills. Talking in overall figures, he is a complete striker. He is good in the air, has great finishing abilities, have quick feet, and shows excellent movements. His work rate this season has been superb while his technique has drawn an attention towards him from various top clubs of Europe.

Giroud Arsenal

On the other side of the pitch, we have the Arsenal’s talisman Olivier Giroud who, in recent days is enjoying his most of the time on the bench. Danny Welbeck may have stolen the position from him but, Giroud is still considered as a threat. He is a tall and a versatile striker. He is someone we can call ‘A Pure Striker’ who have all the striking abilities. He is tall so, a good header of the ball. He may not be the quickest one but, a good passer of the ball. He has the vision to pass the ball that can cut the opponents defense apart. Being physically strong, he out powers his opponents very easily. He is praised for his striking ability and he is a great finisher as well and also possesses a strong left foot.

Both had a different season where Giroud was the one who played most of his games as a substitute but, we will try to figure it out that who amongst both had a better season.

Alvaro Morata vs Olivier Giroud-

Just for the records, Alvaro Morata has 30 appearances for his side in which he has played just 3 full games. Played 12 games in which he was substituted and 15 games as coming in from the bench. Olivier Giroud has a quiet same story to share as he has 32 appearances to his name in which he has played 14 full games, played 11 of them as a substitute and 7 in which he was substituted. Morata in his number of games have scored 6 goals for his side but, Giroud has an impressive number of 12.

Giroud possesses a shooting accuracy of 52% in which, he has managed to shot 36 shots on target and 33 off target. On the other hand, Morata beats Giroud in this attribute as he has 65% of shooting accuracy in which he has managed to shoot 20 shots on target and 11 shots off target. In just his 3 full games, Morata has been named as ‘the man of the match’ once and ‘the top man in the team’ once. Giroud, on the other hand, has no such record to state.

They both share an equal number in terms of creating chances for the team as both has created 25 number of chances and have 4 assists to their names. Giroud has a passing accuracy of 68% in which he has completed 461 passes this season but, has been intercepted in his 216 attempted passes. Morata easily outnumbers the Frenchman as he has the average passing accuracy of 80% in which, he has completed 363 passes and has been intercepted in his 93 attempted passes.

Morata has an average passing length of 13m and has managed to pass 39 long balls this season whereas, Giroud has an average passing length of 11m and has managed to pass 43 long balls. Being tall, Giroud out numbers Morata when we talk about the average of duels won. Giroud had success in his 82 headed duels out of 151 also, have won 21 out of his 58 tackles. Morata has won just 13 out of his 35 headed duels and has succeeded in his 14 out of 58 tackles.

It has been a strong fight till the end where, both of them cancel each other out, but, there must be a winner in this. Very-very marginally we declare Alvaro Morata as a winner of this contest.

Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar


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