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Why The Exit Of This Arsenal’s Main Man Would Be Good For The Gunners

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Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger will aim for the gold after strengthening his squad

In 10 years Arsenal have not won the Premier League title, that isn’t the longest drought when it comes to picking up the league, ask Liverpool about that, but it certainly is a significant span of time for a club that actually does well in the season by coming in fourth.

Arsene Wenger once said that coming in fourth and playing in the Champions League on a regular basis would be good enough for him but is far from the truth, unless you are winning league titles or cups on a regular basis, you aren’t considered a big enough side.

Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City have all done the deed of winning the league title and making sure they somehow get some silverware into the cabinet regularly, Arsenal only have a couple of FA Cups to show for in the last ten years or so.

The Gunners might be competing in the UEFA Champions League for a number of years but that isn’t enough for some fans and rightly so. For a club the size of Arsenal, not winning the title for a decade is too much to ask for and some of that axis with Arsene Wenger.

A visionary at the start but his time is coming to an end

When Arsene took over Arsenal from Nagoya Grampus, he brought in a lot of changes, especially in food habit which worked a treat for the side. His tactical acumen and bringing in a better playing style certainly helped Arsenal win trophies but like time, nothing stands still but Arsenal seems to be stuck in one gear.

Even Barcelona have had to regularly change coaches over the years. Though most of them have been given time to show their quality. Luis Enrique and Pep Guardiola are two shining examples of young coaches, who were former players doing well and Arsene could easily give the reigns over to Patrick Vieira who is now coaching in the United States.

Arsenal needs a new lease of life and that can only come in with a new manager. Sure Arsene has done a great job of financially managing the club and ensuring there are no debts but with that done, they need to get a lot of success and the 66-year-old is not the man who should be doing the deed in London.

Not that he should be shut out of the team or from the side but he could do well in the boardroom as he does have a great record with young signings etc. and a new manager would mean new ideas which could change the mentality of the side which seems to be harming the club every time they hit the month of January.

A manager such as a Vieira or even Diego Simeone would do wonders for the club. Players might be comfortable with what they are doing at the club but that needs to change. Shake things up and see how the players respond.

Currently, there are too many players who are just letting games go by and not doing enough to ensure the team does not lose out in key games. When Manchester United beat Arsenal, every time someone scored a goal from the other team, the players were just walking back to the centre circle.

There was no inquisition as to how Marcus Rashford was allowed to go free to score the goal or why someone was not marking a Manchester United player, it all seemed too convenient. Arsenal needs to change and fast, the earlier they can bring about major changes is at the head of the club, the better it could be next season.

Wenger has done a lot for the club but legends also have to move on and that is exactly what Wenger must do, move and give a chance to someone else.

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