Why Signing This Argentine Will Make Arsenal A Sureshot Title Contender

The teams from the Premier League are currently engaging themselves in the pre-season training, while, on the other hand, their managers are working out to bring some fresh legs into the squad and Arsenal is no exception here. Where the other teams have signed at least 3-4 players, Wenger is still struck in the happiness of bring Granit Xhaka into the squad.

Arsenal were the first one to complete a major signing and since then, no big names has been reported as potential target for Arsenal. There is no doubt that the next season in the Premier League is going to be a pure battle ground and to avoid defeat, Wenger needs to bring the reinforcements at the Emirates.

Now, Sky Sports have recently reported that the Emirates outfit have revived their interest to sign Gonzalo Higuain, who chose Napoli over the Gunners three years ago and since then, the striker has scored 91 goals in 146 games for Napoli. The further reports have claimed that it would cost Arsenal to pay club record fee if they really wants to lure the player into the squad.

Further, there is a twist in the negotiation; the deal would not only involve Higuain, but it would also involve the current Gunner Olivier Giroud. According to many reports, the Gunners are planning to launch a player plus cash deal to sign Higuain and if the deal is accepted, the Giroud will be travelling to Naopli and Higuain will be coming to London.

Giroud’s agent was asked about the possibility of moving to Napoli and he replied:

“There is no fear in Olivier going to Napoli, it is a magnificent city.

“In Campania, my client would lead a wonderful life, not to mention that the type of game orchestrated by Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri could enhance the quality of a centre-forward like him.”

That has fueled the speculation and many now believes that Higuaín will finally come to Emirates. But can Higuain make Arsenal a title challenger again?

The answer is; Hell yes! Higuain’s records speaks for him and that is why he could become one of the finest signings for the Gunners. Higuain is known for his speed, his techniques on and off the ball and also his attacking prowess and just imagine what kind of damage the Gunner will do if the speed of Alexis, the vision of Ozil and the finishing of Higuaín is combined together.

Soon after the departure of Robin van Persie to Manchester United, the club have missed a striker, who could score atleast 20 goals in a single season and after all these years, it is clear that Giroud is not the one.  Higuain, on the other hand has scored 91 goals in his three seasons with Napoli that means he averaged 30 goals in a single season. Isn’t that enough to convince Wenger?

Besides scoring, Higuain is a team player and loves to play a possession game and that is what makes him a perfect buy for Wenger. There is no doubt that money will be an issue in the transfer, but spending a club record fee for Higuain is worth it. Higuain won’t be short of options if he really decides to leave and therefore, if Wenger really wants to add a perfect striker, then he must go for Higuain as soon as possible.

Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar

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