Why Should Brendan Rodgers And Liverpool Ditch The 30-Year Old Spaniard

With Valdes stating that he would not leave Barcelona this summer, suddenly the rumours of Pepe Reina leaving Anfield have gone a bit cold. The veteran goalkeeper, who was a La Masia product prior to joining Liverpool, has very clearly mentioned that he would only consider making a move elsewhere only if that club is Barcelona. In a recent interview he stated

“I have a contract at Liverpool and I feel valued there. The only reason I would plan to move elsewhere is if there was interest in me from Barcelona.”

But we take a look at three possible reasons as to why parting ways with the Spanish shot-stopper may just be the right decision for Brendan Rodgers at this point of time.

Deteriorating form

Bought in 2005 by then manager Rafa Benitez, Reina has been one of the most vital parts of the Liverpool defence. He has been quite outstanding throughout this period of time and in between 2006-09 could easily be hailed as one of the best stoppers of the world. But of late his form has been on a slump and the current season proved to be a personal low point for Reina. His average saves per match dropped and his mistakes have been too much too call them mistakes any more. Am not suggesting that he has become one of the worst keepers but Reina is no where the man he was some three seasons ago. Therefore Liverpool should now offload Reina who is already 30 years old and look for younger replacements.

The price

It is believed that if Liverpool decide to sell Reina he would bring anything between £12-15m for the club, a sum which may just be too much for them to refuse. This sum would prove to be of great help to a club which is immersed in all kinds of financial problems and who need to improve on other places of the pitch. But Reina’s value would definitely decrease if the club does not sell him immediately and this should trigger the transfer out of Liverpool.

Exciting replacements

Asmir Begovic of Stoke and Simon Mignolet of Sunderland are the two players who have been linked to the club as a replacement for Reina. Many would argue that they are not the perfect replacements for such a club stalwart like Reina but considering their price, they may prove to be of great service to the team.

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