Why Replacing This Midfielder Would Be Hard For Liverpool – Better To Stick With Him


We’ve all witnessed Liverpool’s great season, as the Merseyside team is a strong candidate to win the Premier League this campaign. Jurgen Klopp has assembled a great team, combining young players with veterans and managing to sit at the second spot of the Premier League table.

The German boss has managed to put together a talented group of players and even if they don’t win the trophy this year, Liverpool will have a dangerous team for the next years if they are able to maintain the base of the team. However, a lot of teams have been linked with some Liverpool’s figures and that’s the biggest problem for Klopp if he wants to have a successful journey at Anfield.

Jurgen Klopp needs to fight that or create a new team from scratch, but as we said, if he can keep the base of the team, he won’t have to make big changes in the future. Well, this job is going to be a hard one, as Klopp might face the departure of one of his key players at this moment, but the former Borussia Dortmund manager must avoid this selling.

Juventus have been linked with Liverpool’s midfielder Emre Can, who is having an outrageous season playing for Klopp’s team. Emre has made a great association with his teammates on the center of the pitch, especially with Jordan Henderson. Now he’s followed by great teams around Europe, and Juventus being the front-runner to take the former Bayer Leverkusen player to ittheir ranks.

Emre Can

Emre is a very talented player, as he has the energy of two players and can collaborate in both defence and offence among other things, and Liverpool needs to keep that type of player in their rank. Therefore, here are some reasons why Liverpool should not let Emre Can to leave.

Liverpool cannot let him leave because he is the defensive pivot of the team. He owns the midfield of the Reds alongside Henderson and is the connection between the defence and the attackers. Emre can easily provide the passes to begin the plays and lead the game of the team as soon as he receives the ball.

He provides the balance to the team, as we said; he can play as the only defensive midfielder, liberating Jordan Henderson to help the completion of the plays. He has made a great partnership with Henderson, and they both change position in order to surprise the rivals. This Liverpool is very offensive one and Can has perfectly adapted it.

Emre Can is developing his offensive game as well, and nowadays he’s proven that he can reach the rival’s area with some ease, and if he’s able to become a more offensive player, he can be a more dangerous weapon for Liverpool. Klopp knows how to pick quality players and he wasn’t wrong with Can, but now is time to retain the German player for at least an extra couple of years. He’s going to have a very hard time trying to replace a young lad like this one.

Written by Ernesto Cova

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