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Why Newcastle Can Become As Big As Man City If This £500m Takeover Goes Through

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Amanda Staveley

Why Newcastle Can Be As Big As Man City If Amanda Staveley’s Takeover Goes Through

Amanda Staveley has valued Newcastle United at around the £300m mark in her bid to buy the north east club, though whether Mike Ashley is willing to take that sort of money for his sporting hobby horse is still open to question.

Fans are very optimistic on Tyneside that this deal can be completed and quickly, given Staveley’s apparent intention to spend £500m, with reports claiming that Benitez would have £500m to spend in the next two windows if the takeover gets completed..

Although Newcastle is smaller than Manchester, Liverpool or Birmingham for example, it is still a major city and a very busy tourist destination these days. The student population also continues to grow and yet it remains a one club city which makes it rather unique.

The fan base surrounding NUFC is absolutely massive, even without the modern penchant for appealing to fan bases abroad and so investors who care more and are more competent than Ashley have been thinking about taking this club to where it should be, for quite some time.

Liverpool had a period of domination in what was Division One, followed by a period of domination from Manchester United. Arsenal had their famous ‘invincibles’ team, Chelsea have won it numerous times and now Man City are the big boys in this school.

So, other than Blackburn, who won the league with money primarily, and Leicester City, the Premier League tends to be won by teams hailing from major cities. Big clubs mean big fan bases, big fan bases means more money, more money means higher wages and therefore the best players are always attracted to these entities.

Newcastle remain one of only a select few clubs who could realistically win the Premier League if only they could get their house in order. The time could be now, but in the modern game you simply cannot do it without major luck or major investment.

Leicester were excellent when they won it two years ago, but had any one or two of Vardy, Mahrez, Kante or Schmeichel been injured for extended periods of time, they would not have won the trophy.  No squad can rely on that sort of luck, so investment it is.

Chelsea went from also-rans to champions in the blink of an eye once they had Roman Abramovich’s money behind them and the same has happened to Manchester City after the takeover of Sheikh Mansour. That deal was brokered by none other than Amanda Staveley and she could be about to get a major slice of the Premier League pie for herself.

The main thing to remember though is; Newcastle United can be bigger than Man City with the same investment because, simply, they were bigger before the money came along.

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