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Why Manchester United signing this dynamic West Ham star could be a bad move by Mourinho

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Why Manchester United must forget signing Marko Arnautovic this summer

Marko Arnautovic has been linked with a move to Manchester United in the ongoing summer transfer window and the rumours have gathered pace over the last few days. The Manchester United boss had worked with the player during his tenure at Inter Milan and it seems like he is keen on a reunion.

Arnautovic could be the man to solve United’s offensive woes. However, West Ham United won’t easily let go of their star player and Manuel Pellegrini would definitely do everything to keep hold of the Austrian.

Although Arnautovic is a good footballer, Manchester United should get off his case immediately. Here’s why:

Marko Arnautovic

Not an upgrade over what Manchester United have

United already have a plethora of talent and they should enter the market for a player who has the quality to stand out.

With players like Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard waiting for their chances, signing Arnautovic won’t make sense for United as he is hardly an upgrade over those players. Martial and Rashford, in particular, are touted as future superstars because of their immense potential at a young age.

Marko is a good wide player who has great movement and goals in him, but Rashford and Martial already have those in abundance. The fact that the Manchester United duo is younger and already at a great level, suggests that Arnautovic is a signing the Red Devils can do without.

Marko Arnautovic

Not a team player and a good character

Marko Arnautovic has a number of qualities but he does have a few frailties of his own. The Austrian is known to be a difficult character on and off the pitch who could complicate situations. His tiffs with his teammates and coaching staff over the course of his career are well-known.

Even on the pitch, Arnautovic can be a frustrating player as he tends to be selfish more often than not.

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Such a character might not suit Manchester United and he might even weaken the collective morale of the team. Arnautovic likes to be the big fish in a small pond and, evidently, he has quite a big ego as well.

Thus, moving to a club like Manchester United, which already has some big personalities, would only mean trouble for the player and the team.






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