Why Losing This Superstar Will Be A Huge Blow For Chelsea During The Re-building Years?

Spain does seem to be quite a retreat for many goalkeepers it seems. While David de Gea almost made it to Real Madrid in the summer but for a faulty fax machine, it could be the time for an another Premier League star who could end up moving to Real and this can be major news for Chelsea fans.

The Blues’ goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has spoken that he could move away from the club and didn’t really commit to his future at the side in London.

“I do not say yes, I do not say no. I do not know. I still have three years on my contract. We must see what Chelsea want. It is true that it [this season] has changed me. Until now I had always won a trophy every season. We hope that next season will be better.”

This was the response when asked about his future at Chelsea beyond the season, not the best thing for any Chelsea fan and him moving away could still help them with a lot of money. Let us be honest, he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and at only 23-years-old, he will get better.

Chelsea don’t really have any great goalkeepers in their team, well at least not young ones who are of the same calibre as the Belgian number one. To be the best Belgian keeper, it does take a lot of quality and that is something that Courtois has shown during his time with Atletico Madrid and in spurts at Chelsea.

This season Courtois did have a horrible start to the season but then most of the Chelsea players did have a poor season as well. Courtois was one of the best in the land last season and the season prior to that when they won the League title but things have not gone right for Chelsea from day one and a lot of blame can fall on the shoulders of Jose Mourinho.

The other goalkeeper that Chelsea could try out is Asmir Begovic. When he did take over the gloves from Courtois, he also did not have the best of times and was easily beaten a number of times by various teams.

No blame can be handed to the goalkeeper though if he does take over the reins at Chelsea, he wouldn’t be the worst goalkeeper to play for the Blues. Asmir was excellent during his time at Stoke and when he moved to Chelsea, there were a lot of questions asked about his future since he would be staying on the bench more than anything else.

Courtois is certainly going to learn from the season and he will get better with time. Chelsea did lose out on one Belgian with Romelu Lukaku, this time again, it might not be in their control to get the right thing done.

Chelsea have a huge task of rebuilding and that must start from the back. They need to bring in another good defender first and having a team that is young is just as important. Courtois could be an incredible asset for the club as the years go on, and Chelsea should keep him no matter how much he would want to leave.

Written by Kevin Harrison

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