Why football is the best sport on Earth 

Jose Mourinho
MADRID, SPAIN – MAY 22: Head coach Jose Mourinho (L) and Marco Materazzi of Inter Milan celebrate their team’s victory at the end of the UEFA Champions League Final match between FC Bayern Muenchen and Inter Milan at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on May 22, 2010 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

Some people enjoy the drama surrounding football. For example, the sport feels like a never-ending soap opera at times, filled with rumors on a world-famous player’s wife and stories on a Premier League superstar’s most recent extravagant purchase. Look beyond this, though, and the sport really is beautiful. In fact, it’s the best sport there is by a distance. 

Of course, other sports have their merits too, be it the immensely skilful aspect of golf or the bravery and dedication it takes to succeed in boxing, but there is nothing quite like football. From the trickery required to take on an entire backline and score to the passionate supporters around the world that follow their teams’ fortunes on a weekly basis, it’s impossible to compare football to other sports because it’s on another level. 

While the debate will rumble on in some parts of the world, let’s take a look at some key reasons why football is the best sport on Earth and always will be. 

The passionate fans make the sport what it is 

First and foremost, without the fans that contribute so much to football’s overall package, the sport definitely wouldn’t be the same. As well as following their team up and down the country and purchasing merchandise every season, the fan experience has never been as good and as passionate as it is today.

Fans debate team selection issues on forums, they create chants, they make banners for their favorite stars, they listen to podcasts based on the beautiful game, and they play games like FIFA 23, Pro Evolution Soccer or the , a popular casino product with a strong football theme. While fans of other sports would argue they do the same sort of things as football-supporting audiences, it’s not necessarily the case, especially when looking at attendances in football stadiums around the world compared to other sports, for example.

Being a football supporter is almost like being affiliated to a tribe. Without the fans, football wouldn’t be the sport that it is today. 

The entertainment aspect 

(Image via https://twitter.com/VancityReynolds)

Above all else, football is incredibly entertaining. There’s a reason why Wrexham’s Hollywood owners appear to have firmly bought into the project at the Welsh club. Once you attend a match in the flesh, you’ll certainly get the bug.

That appears to have happened to both Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, as they attend plenty of non-league games and continue to help Wrexham grow. Football’s end-to-end nature, the passionate chanting, the skill it takes to score a goal, and the fast-moving action on the pitch creates an unrivaled product.

It’s no wonder that new fans of the sport, like the aforementioned owners of Wrexham, now fully understand its appeal.

Football is for everyone 

Although other sports appear to alienate people, be it due to the cost of playing it or the ability to actually watch a game in the flesh, football most definitely doesn’t.

Whether you’re rich or poor, male or female, or you have a local team to get behind or a Premier League giant on your doorstep, anyone can get involved in football and feel like a big part of it. Additionally, when it comes to playing the sport, anyone can kick a ball or score a goal between jumpers for goalposts, too. Other sports, though, aren’t the same.

For instance, to play tennis you need a court and a typically expensive racket. Likewise, you can’t play American football without the required safety gear. All you need to play football is a ball, or even a round object you can kick, and you’re good to go. Football, therefore, is for everyone.