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Why Football clubs are issuing their own cryptocurrency?

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There is a new player within the sports world. It’s cryptocurrency! With the increasing popularity of blockchain technology, cryptos have impacted the sports industry big time.

Transactions in cryptocurrency unlocked payment doorways by introducing crypto coins that make online fund transferring processes easier. Whether betting on players at or buying them for a club, anything can be done by paying in Bitcoins. It’s a safe way to transfer payments as the process occurs within secured networks. Football clubs like Juventus and FC Barcelona have even started issuing their own NFTs for distributing them to their fans.

Rewarding cryptocurrency. What did it accomplish?

Nowadays, many sports club owners pay in cryptos to their club members. It’s considered that digital currencies are an effective way to reveal numerous opportunities for those who are dealing in BTC. This is another leap of cryptos to become a new normal in the e-sports business and at . So, let’s see how digital currencies have impacted sports business:

  • NFTs for the club-fans
  • Boosted the e-sports economy
  • Online betting turned easy

Has crypto added excitement to the world of football?

Since crypto-currency products are based on blockchain, we were able to determine:

  • Manchester City, Lazio, Santos and Porto appeared to generate the most sales;
  • NFTs that generated the most revenue were Lazio’s – up to $130m;
  • Club tokens of Manchester City and Lazio had dropped the most in value;
  • NFTs of Inter Milan and Trabzonspor have increased in value more than Bitcoin over the past year.

According to https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-59596267, fan tokens were traded more actively than was expected for this type of fan-engagement product. And this fact adds even more excitement to the football world!


In 2021, football clubs, leagues, and players welcomed crypto sponsors with open arms. But the supporters should be cautious about investing in NFTs. The cryptocurrency is unregulated. It’s the only product which has no legal oversight. Certainly, many people will be making a lot of money out of it but it won’t be an average football fan!