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Why Bringing Back This Pass Master Is A Bad Move For Arsenal

When Cesc Fabregas left Arsenal for Barcelona, there were those who thought that, that was the final nail in the coffin. The departure meant that Arsenal had become a selling club, even if selling Fabregas to Barcelona was completely different from selling their main striker to a direct rival (Van Persie to Manchester United). But with the signing of Mesut Ozil last summer, the Gunners showed that they weren’t afraid to splash the cash.


While there is no doubt that Fabregas went to his childhood club to make his dream come true, the simple fact is that his time at the club has been anything but great. The Spaniard has rarely got a game in his preferred position at Barcelona and has been, time and again, forced to play on the wings or up front, where he isn’t as effective. As a result, there are plenty of rumors of him wanting to leave the club he only joined in 2011.

Whilst he quashed the rumors last summer, when Manchester United came calling, will he be able to do the same with Arsenal? With the Gunners currently touted as the Spaniard’s preferred destination, will Arsene Wenger be willing to splash the cash and sign the Spaniard? With a summer of change predicted at the Camp Nou, will Fabregas be one of those that moves out of the club? Especially given the fact that the Spaniard looking likely to replace the 34-year-old Xavi in the upcoming season. If he does, would it be a prudent move, footballing wise, to bring the Spaniard back to the club from which he left in 2011? All of these and so much more questions are currently on the lips of every Arsenal fan. So let us see if Cesc’s return to Arsenal is really a good move after all.

A move to Arsenal, a club for whom he made over 450 appearances would certainly bode well for the player, but will it be the same for the club? When he left Arsenal, Fabregas was Arsenal’s best player, but the Gunners have evolved since and might not really require his services any longer.

Whilst Arsenal could no doubt do with the services of their leader and former captain, the question is, should they sign the Spaniard when other areas of the squad are in dire need of reinforcement? Barcelona payed a hefty sum to sign Cesc. With Fabregas still only 27, and with his peak in front of him, they would want nothing less than what they paid for him, perhaps even more.

Even though Arsenal have a first refusal clause in Cesc’s contract, still bringing him back to Emirates will cost a fortune. Especially, when the squad is fully stocked with attacking midfielders, putting all your money on one basket is one thing, but putting it on a basket you already have, just because you are afraid something might happen to it isn’t particularly the way to go.

Even if he does sign for the club, the Spaniard will have to fight for his place in the team with the likes of Mesut Ozil, Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere and can’t really slot straight back in. One of the reasons why he is leaving the Catalans is because he isn’t a first-team regular and a similar fate awaits him at Arsenal. As Arsenal legend, Ray Parlour pointed out “He [Fabregas] was great for the club but forwards should be much more of a priority”.

So, all things considered, the return of Fabregas for a large chunk of money, would be the last thing that the Gunners would want on the back of a successful domestic season. As good as he was in the past, he isn’t the way forward for the Gunners, who must look at adding some reinforcements in defense and on forwards, instead of wasting it all on one luxury player they don’t actually need.