Why Arsenal Should Forget Their £35m Attacking Target And Concentrate On A Defensive Midfielder

Fabregas at Barcelona arsenal

With rumours flying around that Arsenal are preparing to make a mammoth £35million offer for their former captain Cesc Fabregas and with a lot of other clubs showing interest and understandably so, the question arises where would be fit in? After all Fabregas is Arsenal’s captain and made his debut for the Gunners at the tender age of 16 and left only because of a calling to his boyhood club Barcelona. In fact both Wenger and Fabregas are on record about the Spaniard’s desire to play for Arsenal once before retiring. With the move to Barcelona not panning out as he had thought it would, we at Soccersouls take a look whether sentiments apart, Arsenal do really need Cesc Fabregas or not.

This is one transfer which is not black or white and instead is rather complicated. On one hand a return of Cesc will definitely boost the morale and there is no doubting his quality so he will perform. On the other hand the question remains as to whether Arsenal really need him or not given the vast array of attacking midfielders Arsenal already have in their side. With Santi Cazorla, Mesut Ozil and Jack Wilshere who can very effectively play CAM, Arsenal look to have finally replaced the Spaniard so logically on one hand it makes no sense to go for him when money can be spent elsewhere on the field. In fact money which should actually be spent on a new defender, defensive midfielder and striker should not be splashed on something which is nothing more than a luxury for Arsenal at the moment.

The question might arise, if anyone of the above mentioned trio gets injured – then what happens? As said before, Arsenal need to buy a top class defensive midfielder who will have an additional work of creating chances from the back. When you have a player of that sort playing alongside Ramsey/Wilshere/Arteta/Flamini in the middle of the park, and the likes of Ozil, Cazorla and Rosicky above them, where does Fabregas fit in here?

Also Arsenal at the moment have Olivier Giroud leading the attack, a decent but ultimately not a striker who can win you titles on his own. No matter how many tricky, diminutive wingers you pair him up with he will remain somewhat of a hit and miss who is above average but is certainly not world class to compliment the world class players around him. Fabregas’ pin point through balls and lobbed passes won’t matter much when you have a striker whose movement is very ordinary. So while Arsenal can continue to accumulate the same kind of players it would make more sense to make a world class striker a priority, something which will not happen if Arsene Wenger decide to target Cesc Fabregas.

In fact someone who had watched Arsenal all his life would have been asked to watch Barcelona’s matches this season he would have been shocked at Cesc Fabregas’s performances. Someone who was bought to ultimately replace Xavi, he had been shockingly off the pace and even his passing looked off his usual high standards. At the stage when Arsenal has so many options it is perhaps for the best if Arsenal overlook this one and go to the next target.

While all Arsenal fans would love to see Cesc Fabregas back at Arsenal, it would have to be tempered with reality. The sad fact for the football romanticists is that Arsenal would actually be stronger without Cesc Fabregas as that would actually free the cash for players Arsenal actually need.

Written by Dinesh V

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