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Why Arsenal Should Blindly Spend £30m On This Premier League Star, Who Gave Defenders A Run For Their Money Not Long Back

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Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge

In recent weeks, Arsenal fans have demanded a change in the form of their manager. The one and only reason behind that is the team’s continuous failure in the second half of the season. The players have performed exceptionally well in the initial stages, but they have failed to capitalize their chances in the second half of the game.

The club recently has declared that they are financially capable to compete with the big boys for top talent in world football. Many teams from England will go through a big transition because to be honest, they need it. Chelsea has been very poor this season and so has Manchester United. Arrival of Pep Guardiola to Manchester City will bring a complete transformation at the Etihad as well.

A change is necessary, and a change for something better is never bad. Wenger staying or not staying will be a completely different issue, but what the recent reports states is, Arsenal are preparing a £30m Daniel Sturridge bid as Arsene Wenger finally wants a top class striker in his squad.

Daniel Sturridge in his old London times struggled a lot with Chelsea as he was not given the enough playing time, and so he decided to join the red army, Liverpool. The English striker has been phenomenal in his time at Liverpool and saw a great growth in his career.

But, after the arrival of Jürgen Klopp, the player seems to have an unhappy time at Liverpool and would be tempted to think about a possible move. The doubts over Daniel Sturridge’s future started after his injuries started and he eventually lost his position to the young Belgian striker Divock Origi.

Klopp did appreciate his performance against Villarreal, but it doesn’t seem that the player is willing to stay there. According to the reports, Arsenal are trying to get this player in the squad as they are now finding the solutions for their attacking problems.

Is this Englishman a perfect answer for the Gunners? Let’s find out-

Firstly, talking about the stats-

Giroud and Danny Welbeck are the only strikers Arsenal have this season. Giroud in his 37 appearances for the club has scored just 13 goals with a shooting accuracy of 52%, while Welbeck in his 10 appearances has scored 4 with an accuracy of 69%.

Daniel Sturridge missed most of the games this campaign due to his injuries, but he still managed to feature in 13 games for the side and score 8 goals with a shooting accuracy of 57%. He’s even bettered the passing attribute in his number of appearances as he possesses an average passing accuracy of 79%.

Talking about his transfer to Arsenal; we all know what Sturridge is capable of. He is an extremely quick player and has the technique to get past the defenders with the same. He can play in a number of attacking positions as well.  Even though he has struggled a lot lately in Liverpool, we cannot argue over the fact that the 26-year-old Englishman is a lethal finisher of the ball and this ability has been missing in Giroud the entire season. His composure in front of goal is very outstanding and he can well linkup with Sanchez and Ozil to score the goals.

Football has really evolved in recent times, and one of the traits that has emerged is the players’ off the ball ability. Daniel Sturridge’s eye for goal makes him a lethal finisher, but his techniques off the ball can profit Arsenal in many ways. Arsenal’s game is all about possession. The side plays a traditional passing game to find a goal and Sturridge can well fit into the plans of Arsene Wenger.

He can surely blend himself in Arsenal’s style of play. In Arsenal’s fluid passing and steady possession game, Sturridge can be a lethal weapon in the team. He is also capable of linking up with the teammates and that’s exactly Wenger wants from his players. Besides all those attributes, he has an advantage of being a Premier League player. If a new player is brought, he will have to understand the league and surely the process will take time. Buying Sturridge will be an advantage for Wenger and will save the time as well.

After the departure of Robin van Persie, Arsenal and their fans have missed the striking abilities a lot. We cannot judge Sturridge over them, but he surely has his own traits that can be used to compete for the right honour.