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Why Arsenal Have Signed A Better Midfielder Than Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City This Summer

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With Pep Guardiola coming into the Premier League this season, it certainly was not a surprise seeing that he wanted to bring in some Bundesliga talent to Manchester City. What was surprising, however, was to see that the Citizens signed Ilkay Gundogan and not any other Bayern Munich player, though contracts could have played a role in that one.

Manchester City have needed an infusion of new blood and energy into the team and the German star provides a lot of that as Pep looks to make a mark from his first season itself. However, Gundogan isn’t the only midfielder switching Germany for England as Arsene Wenger pulled off a coup to bring in Granit Xhaka from Borussia Monchengladbach.

The Swiss midfielder has been one of the best players for his national side in the on-going Euro 2016 and will bring a lot of steel to the London side, something that they have missed for a number of seasons.

Both teams actually pulled off great deals and have strengthened positions that they needed but which signing actually is better for his club?

Who won this battle?


Arsenal and Manchester City both had horrendous campaigns last season, especially considering the fact that the London club was expected to win the league and City actually had a decent chance of making it to the finals of the Champions League but neither could achieve their targets.

While both clubs did well in the goal scoring department or at least decently, it was their midfield that often caused them problems. Manchester City didn’t really see the best of Yaya Toure and the likes of Fernando and Fernandinho did not step up enough while Arsenal missed out on the tackling talent of Francis Coquelin and the passing ability of Santi Cazorla for large chunks of the season.

Looking at what each player brings into the club, it does seem that both clubs have made crucial buys but Xhaka could be the man who might be a better buy, considering the fact that Arsenal do not have enough tough mean in their team.

Don’t get us wrong, Ilkay is another great signing but his record of injuries isn’t the greatest and signing him, especially since he is injured is another big risk as well. Also, he isn’t the best tackler in the world and playing in the robust Premier League could have an effect on his playing abilities.

Xhaka, on the other hand, has always been a tough player on the pitch and a leader as well. This is the most important facet of his game, he did state that he would expect more than 100% on the pitch from his teammates and that kind of leadership is what is needed in the Arsenal team.

The Swiss star is also a great passer of the ball and even though his tackling isn’t the greatest, he surely can do well in the side with either Coquelin or even Cazorla on the side. Pep might have signed Gundogan for £20 million but Xhaka is the better buy, at least from a team point of view.

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